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Uttarakhand : In the state government’s budget for the financial year 2023-24, the main focus will be on increasing employment and livelihood.

In the budget of the state government for the financial year 2023-24, the main focus will be on increasing employment and livelihood. This time in the budget, the government should arrange more budget than previous years for schemes related to animal husbandry, fisheries, agriculture, horticulture and social development. It is believed that the government wants to give more benefits of the schemes to the farmers and villagers associated with agriculture, animal husbandry, which are considered to be the basis of the economy of the villages. According to Additional Chief Secretary Finance Anand Bardhan, preparations are already underway at the department level regarding the upcoming budget. Department-wise budget proposals are constantly being reviewed. He said that there are instructions from the Chief Minister also that there should be focus on employment in the budget.

This is being kept in mind while preparing the budget. It is believed that the government may increase the financial provision in those departments and schemes in the upcoming budget, which will increase the livelihood of farmers, women, youth and villagers and increase local employment opportunities. It is believed that in the general budget of the Central Government, emphasis will be laid on taking maximum advantage of schemes related to agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, fisheries, social welfare, skill development in the state budget.

Review of budget preparation will start from tomorrow

At the government level, the review regarding the preparation of department-wise budget will start from Monday. Proposals have been received from almost all the departments. At the level of Finance Secretary, discussions have been held with every department regarding its demands and new schemes. Now there will be review meetings again to finalize these proposals.

The agenda of Mussoorie thought will also be reflected in the budget

A glimpse of the agenda of development decided in Mussoorie Chintan Shivir will also be seen in the budget of the state government. Those resolutions can be made part of the departmental budget in the budget, for which a time limit of one year has been fixed.