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Bihar / Rohtas: Left home in 1982 due to family enmity, returned home after 40 years, wept bitterly hugging family members

There was an atmosphere of happiness among the relatives on the return of the person who was considered dead after 40 years. People thronged to see him. Virendra Kumar, son-in-law of Laxman Mahato, who has been missing from home for the last 40 years, says that I have been married for 35 years. When I got married here, the people here told that my father-in-law Laxman Mahato was missing from home five years ago and seems to have died, but today he suddenly came home. On hearing the news of Laxman Mahato, a resident of Madaripur village of Chandanpura Panchayat, suddenly returning home, people from the surrounding areas thronged to see and meet him. When Laxman Mahato, who left home in 1982 due to family enmity, suddenly reached home on Saturday morning, people could not recognize him.

When he introduced himself, the family members were first surprised and then hugged with joy and started crying bitterly. He told that due to family displeasure, he had left home and stayed in Vrindavan for 10 years and got absorbed in devotion to God and visited religious places for about 30 years in the guise of a monk.

In the meanwhile, the memory of home and the concern of the relatives used to bother me at times, but he remained engrossed in his tune. Today, when Laxman Mahato returned to his home, the whole scene had changed. Had left the mud house, which was found made of concrete. When he heard the news of the death of his wife Kesari Devi, he started crying.

Leaving two daughters and a son in his wife’s womb, he left his small home and left the world. After coming, he hugged his grandchildren and loved them wholeheartedly. Hearing the news of his arrival, when all the elders of the village came to meet him, they recognized everyone one by one.