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From airport contracts to foreign policy… Rahul Gandhi asked these questions to PM Modi on Adani, BJP hit back

Tuesday was a very hot day in the budget session of Parliament. In Parliament, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi fiercely attacked the central government regarding the issue of Adani. When Rahul Gandhi started speaking in the Parliament, he shared his experience on the issue of Bharat Jodo Yatra. In this sequence, Rahul Gandhi said that when I was roaming on the streets in India, many youths told me that we too want to be like Adani, want to start a startup. Taking the name of the youth, Rahul taunted that the youth also want to know how to get instant progress by entering any business. In a direct question to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi said that how many times did he go on foreign tours with Gautam Adani, how many countries did Adani visit after getting the contract and how much has Adani donated to BJP in the last 20 years? He also said that once PM Modi used to fly in Adani’s plane and now Adani is flying in Modi’s plane.

Questions raised on PM’s foreign tours

Questioning the Prime Minister’s foreign tours, Rahul Gandhi said that how many times did Adani accompany PM Modi on his foreign tours. He asked that during how many visits did you (PM Modi) visit Adani. After so many of your visits, Adani went on a tour of that country. In how many other countries did Adani get contracts after your visit?

Adani’s entry into airport business

During his speech, Rahul Gandhi said in the Parliament that a few years ago, the central government gave a contract to develop the airport. Then the rule was that any firm which does not have any experience of this type of work cannot apply for this contract. Meanwhile, the atmosphere in the Parliament got heated and Ravi Shankar Prasad got up and said that the privatization of the airport happened in his (Congress) government. After this, Rahul continued his point that the Modi government changed the rules and Adani ji was given the contract for 6 airports. After that India’s most profitable airport (Mumbai airport) was given from GBK to Adani. Rahul attacked that the Government of India pressurized GBK through central agencies.

Adani got contract in defense sector from foreign policy

After this, Rahul Gandhi came on the issue of foreign policy. He said that let’s start the discussion with the issue of defence. Rahul said that Adani has no experience in the defense industry. He said that Adani ji makes drones in India with Elbit company. Adani ji is doing this work for the Indian forces. Adani ji has never done this work before, but PM Modi goes to Israel and Adani gets this contract. Rahul said that Adani got defense contracts because of PM’s foreign tours. Rahul said that only after the PM’s visit to Israel, the entire defense business of India and Israel goes into the hands of one man. He is Adani ji. Adani ji gets the contract for all kinds of small and big weapons. Rahul taunted that this is PM Modi’s foreign policy.

BJP hit back

In response to this, the BJP also retaliated against the Congress in the Parliament. BJP MP from Jharkhand Nishikant Dubey challenged Rahul and Congress and asked what motor driving experience did they have when Congress gave contracts to Birla, Tata and Dalmiya. At the same time, Ravi Shankar Prasad attacked Rahul Gandhi and appealed to Speaker Om Birla to remove these statements of Rahul from the records of Parliament. Ravi Shankar Prasad said that he is directly accusing PM Modi, that too without giving any notice. This is a violation of the rules. These should be expunged from the records.

‘The PM of India said that the project should go to Adani’

Directly attacking the Central Government and PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi further said that the Prime Minister goes on Australia tour and here Adani gets a big loan from SBI. After this PM goes on Bangladesh tour and Adani gets 25 years project of 1500 MW electricity. He further said that in June 2020, the Chairman of Sri Lanka tells his Parliament that President Rajapaksa said that the PM of India has said that a project has to be given to Adani.

‘This is Adani’s foreign policy, not India’

Through these examples, Rahul Gandhi reiterated in the House that this foreign policy is not of India but of Adani ji. These foreign tours have been done to improve the business of Adani ji.