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Uttarakhand: Know on which matter “Manveer Chauhan” said – Congress is not regretting its actions, but blaming others

The BJP said that the Congress is pretending to know about the change of Yamuna River/Doon Valley from Red Zone to Orange Zone and it did not raise any objection when this change happened. Scams and scams kept happening in the previous Congress government and the responsible people kept pretending by closing their eyes and now the game of defaming the government is going on.

BJP’s state media in-charge Manveer Singh Chauhan said that the condition of Congress today is that it is talking beyond facts and getting entangled in its own web. He said that the area where Yamuna River / Doon Valley area where two mining lots of GMVN along with one crusher has been banned by NGT, due to Doon Valley area being in red zone from February 1, 1989, the Government of India on Industry and Mining was banned.

It has been declared as Orange Zone by the Central Pollution Control Board on 7 March 2016. Along with this, it was ensured that the rules fixed in future will be followed by the state government. It is noteworthy here that at that time the Congress government of the state had no objection to this. Further, on this basis, the Doon Valley notification was modified on January 6, 2020.

Some parties gave misleading and incomplete information to NGT, due to which mining in Doon Valley has been temporarily banned. A complaint was filed in the NGT that Kresar had violated the rules regarding permission. While the reality is that the crusher was being operated as per the norms fixed by the state government, nor has there been any transfer of the lease. Hence separate permission from NGT was not required again.

Such an atmosphere is being created by the Congress regarding the stay given due to wrong and incomplete information, which tarnishes the image of the government and encourages external mining mafias. Large scale mining is going on in the same valley on the other side of river Yamuna and in Himachal and on this side of the river such legal hurdles are continuously being put in our area with the aim of harming the revenue and construction works of the state. So that the supply of raw material for construction is done through their well-wishers sitting outside the state.

Chouhan said that the government is working towards taking forward the recruitment process with transparency. The examinations will be held on time, due to which the morale of the youth will not be affected and on the other hand, strict action will be taken against the copying mafias, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has already made it clear. He said that the layers of scams and scams that took place during the Congress era are coming out and the Congressmen are restless because of this. Today, the recruitment scamsters are going to jail, so the Congress is upset, because their tradition has been to suppress the cases. While BJP’s agenda has been the policy of zero tolerance against corruption.