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Madhya Pradesh / Singrauli: Shameful! Ambulance was not found, to save his life, the son of seven 7 took his father to the hospital on a hand cart

Another glimpse of the disorganization of the health department is being seen in Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh. In fact, due to unavailability of an ambulance here, a seven-year-old son was forced to take his father in a critical condition to the hospital in a handcart, whose video is becoming increasingly viral on social media as well. ADM DP Varman has ordered an inquiry after watching the video.

The hospital was three km away from home

On Friday afternoon, Deendayal Shah suddenly started having pain in his leg, after which it became necessary to take him to the hospital. When he wanted to take the facility of an ambulance, for some reason he could not get an ambulance. After this, the patient’s seven-year-old son made him lie down on a handcart and took him to the hospital along with his mother. It is being told that the hospital was three kilometers away from his house.

Conversation with family members after the video went viral

After reaching the hospital, on the orders of the ADM, the CMHO instructed the Civil Surgeon to investigate the matter. When it was examined closely in Anan-Phanan, it was found that the relatives had brought the patient to the district hospital in a hurry. He didn’t even try to contact an ambulance. The investigating officer told that he talked to the relatives of the patient and also made a video of it. During this his phone was also checked in which it was found that he did not even try to contact the ambulance.

Actually, he has his own handcart in his house, so he easily reached the district hospital for treatment. The patient is already undergoing treatment. However, the video is going viral on social media and users are giving different reactions.