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Uttarakhand: What is the protest happening? In 22 years, has any CM put the copycats behind bars? CM said – I will root out the mafias

In Vikasnagar, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami lashed out at the opposition and opponents. Chief Minister Dhami said that he will not compromise with the dreams of the youth and will root out the copying mafia from the state. Chief Minister Dhami warned the copying mafia and said that we will not compromise with the dreams and aspirations of the youth. Now whoever messes up in the recruitment exam will be given the harshest punishment. Along with this, the property will also be confiscated.

CM Dhami said that many people were telling me not to attend the programme. I told them that I will ask the protestors what they are protesting about? In 22 years, has any Chief Minister put the copycats behind bars till now? I knew that the decision I am taking against the copycat mafia will result in some people trying to intimidate us. This cannot happen at any cost. My aim is to root out the copycat mafias.

CM Dhami said that the people of Uttarakhand should tell that for the first time who has put his hand on the neck of the copycat mafia? In whose government the examinations were canceled as soon as there were indications of disturbances? Who made India’s toughest law against copycat mafia? Those who are caught cheating will not be allowed to appear in the examination for the next 10 years. We have brought a strict law regarding this.

CM Dhami said who is trying to ruin the future of our children and youth? This is a question in the mind of all of us and we need to find the answer. Is there any group working on this? This needs to be investigated. I’ll look into it. We will not compromise on the dreams and aspirations of our youth. From now on, if anyone is found cheating in the middle of the examination, he will be punished with imprisonment for 10 years and his property will be confiscated.