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Uttarakhand: AAP became the attacker in Gautam Adani case, accused the central government of complicity, raised slogans

The Aam Aadmi Party protested accusing the central government of complicity in the industrialist Gautam Adani episode. AAP workers who were going to lay siege to the BJP headquarters were stopped by the police on the way and arrested. During this, AAP workers also had a heated argument and scuffle with the police. On Sunday afternoon, AAP workers marched towards the BJP headquarters shouting slogans from the state headquarters in Dharampur. In Nehru Colony, the police had closed the road by placing barricades near Fountain Chowk. On being forcibly stopped by the police, the AAP workers started trying to climb over the barricades.

During this, he had a heated argument with the police and a minor scuffle. Seeing the AAP workers not calm down, the police arrested them. State Organization Coordinator Jot Singh Bisht, State Vice President Sharma, Vice President RP Raturi, Spokesperson Ravindra Singh Anand, Azad Ali, Uma Sisodia, Nitin Joshi, Nasir Khan, Vipin Khanna were included in the arrest. Many people including Kamlesh Raman, Seema Kashyap

Bisht said that the central government is determined to sacrifice public enterprises to benefit its favorite industrialists. This is also being proved in the things which are coming to the fore in the recent episode. Refusal of the Central Government to get the Joint Parliamentary Committee probed also raises many questions.

The Aam Aadmi Party will fight strongly against the anti-people policies of the Center in the interest of the country. State Vice President Naresh Sharma said that the Central Government has any concern for the common man of the country. The whole country is suffering due to inflation and unemployment. But the government is making plans only to help a few industrialists. The country will not tolerate this. The Aam Aadmi Party will continue its struggle to protect the interests of the country and the common man.

Former State President AAP Chandra Shekhar Bhatt, Mamta Singh, DK Pal, Prem Singh, Kasim Chaudhary, Rehana Parveen, Darshan Doval, Sanjay Saini, Vikas Sharma, Pankaj Arora, Sudha Patwal, Akshay Sharma, CP Singh, Deepak Nimraniya etc. are.