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Rajasthan: Termites licked lakhs of rupees kept in the locker! Woman reached to withdraw money from the bank, was shocked to see the note

Millions of rupees kept in the locker of Punjab National Bank (PNB) got termite. Termites destroyed Rs 2.15 lakh. When the locker owner reached to take the money, he lost his senses. The matter pertains to Kalaji-Goraji branch of Udaipur. Mahesh Singhvi, a resident of Hiranmagari told that he had taken a locker in the branch in the name of his wife Sunita Mehta. Notes worth Rs 2.15 lakh were kept in the locker. The locker was opened in May last year, till then the cash was safe. When the locker was opened on Thursday when needed, the bundle of notes had become like powder. The victim alleged that the bank management did not get the pest control done, hence the loss of cash. There is also a possibility of damage to other customer’s belongings in other lockers. Complained about this to the bank management as well. The woman’s younger brother Manoj Lodha told- Sunita Mehta is allotted locker number 265 in the bank. It was opened in May 2022. Sunita’s uncle passed away and her Dhowra (the tradition of distributing envelopes to relatives) was held on Friday and the need for money was felt. On this Manoj and Sunita went to the bank on Thursday.

Note taken out with the help of screw driver

Manoj told- Both Sunita and I had come to take out the belongings of our respective lockers. I have operated my locker. When Didi saw his locker, it was found to be full of termites. When I opened it and saw the bundle of notes, it was stuck. The bank worker removed the bundle with the help of a screw driver. A bundle of Rs 15,000 50 note was completely mutilated. Apart from this, there were bundles of 500-500 notes in a bag. Looks fine when seen from above. After this, we complained to the bank manager about the loss of Rs 15,000. Changed 15 thousand rupees after 3 hours. When I checked the remaining 2 lakh rupees after going home, that too had been eaten by termites.

Danger to more than 25 lockers

Lodha said that there would be at least 25 such lockers in that bank where termites are infested. Termites must have spread from the wall to the locker. He said that if the bank employees had resolved this in time, the termites would not have reached the goods kept in the locker and people would not have been harmed.

Information given to the authorities

Bank’s senior manager Praveen Kumar Yadav says that the information about the loss of the customer has been given to the higher officials. Called the customer back on Friday to resolve the issue. Here, it has also been learned from the sources that there is a problem of dampness in this bank branch. Due to this the worm or termite ate the notes.

A shocking thing has come to light in the suicide case of a girl student by jumping from the 10th floor in Kota. About two hours before the suicide, the student had talked to her elder brother on mobile. On the phone, the student had mentioned about an aunty living in her building. The student told her brother that the aunt was threatening her. According to the information, the aunt the student is referring to. She is a resident of Sanchore. She lives in the same building with her son.