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Uttarakhand: Suresh Joshi expressed gratitude to Dhami on “anti-copying law”, attacked the Congress

While thanking CM Dhami for the anti-copying ordinance, the BJP has accused the Congress of playing politics with the youth under the guise of a CBI probe. Clarifying the stand of the party in this whole episode, the party’s state spokesperson Suresh Joshi said, “Our government has brought the country’s first strictest anti-copying law, but the Congress opposing the CBI in Delhi is conspiring to keep the youth away from employment.” Under this, the state is demanding a CBI inquiry.

In a press conference held at the party state headquarters, Suresh Joshi made it clear that in all the recruitment processes that have come to the fore, record arrests were made with historical and strict action on the instructions of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh: Dhami. Apart from this, according to its promises, the government is continuously working towards providing employment to the youth on all the vacant posts in the state as per the recruitment calendars. But due to continuous rigging in old and present recruitment cases and bail of the arrested accused, the government has come up with the country’s most stringent anti-copying law, in which the copyists are punished with a minimum of 10 years to a maximum of life imprisonment. A provision of punishment of 3 to 7 years has been made. Welcoming this law, the party organization expresses gratitude to the Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami on behalf of all the workers and great people of the state.

Joshi has accused the Congress of playing with the youth of the state by demanding a CBI inquiry. He said, on the one hand all the top leaders including their Rahul Gandhi sitting in Delhi oppose each and every investigation by the CBI-ED and here in the state Rahul and his local leaders instigate the youth to demand investigation by the same CBI. Emphasizing that the priority of our government is to do justice to the youth by speeding up the employment process while taking action against corruption. On the other hand, the priority of the Congress is to delay the recruitment processes due to the demand of CBI inquiry and take political advantage of the issue by keeping the unemployed away from the job. Responding to the questions of journalists, on the incident in Gandhi Park, he said, on the instructions of the CM, the investigation is being done by the Garhwal Commissioner so that this truth also comes out, who were the anti-social elements among the unemployed who took the law into their own hands because We have faith in our youth, they can never do this.

State media in-charge Manveer Chauhan, state spokesperson Vinod Suyal, Vipin Kainthola, state co-media in-charge Rajendra Negi, Satyaveer Chauhan etc were present in the press conference.