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What will Koshiyari do now, will he actively participate in the politics of Uttarakhand, read what Mahendra Bhatt said?

There is a stir in the BJP regarding Bhagat Singh Koshyari after resigning from the post of Governor of Maharashtra. Of course, Koshyari has expressed his desire to study in seclusion after relinquishing the governor’s chair, but those who know Khanty politician Bhagatada know that he will hardly be able to stay away from politics. However, it is not yet decided what will be his next step. That’s why the question is floating in the political circles whether Koshyari will go in seclusion and spend his life in studies or will become a means of fulfilling the wishes of his supporters like a Shaktipeeth in politics. A leader associated with the party says, it will depend on whether Bhagatda makes Pithoragarh his next abode or his rented house in Dehradun’s Defense Colony. At present, the political implications of Koshyari’s return home are being explored.

What next for the ambitious Koshyari?

Bhagat Singh Koshyari is considered among very ambitious politicians. He is the only BJP leader who did not let his advancing age become a hindrance in his political activism. At the threshold of age at which politicians stay away from active politics, Koshyari continued to be active and reached the governor’s chair. It is believed about him that whenever the BJP is in power, Koshyari did not remain silent. His role in the upheaval in Nityanand Swami and General Khanduri government is not hidden from anyone. He has held all the positions of MLA, State President, Chief Minister, MP. From this point of view, according to the tradition of the party, there is a place left for this leader beyond the age of 80 in politics only in the Margdarshak Mandal. So the question is, what will be their next stop?

Another door opened for supporters

After several decades of politics, Koshyari has a large army of supporters behind him. When Koshyari was the governor, there were limits to the constitutional post. Despite this, protocol never came in the way between his followers and him. Whenever he came to Dehradun, he spent time in his rented house rather than the hospitality of the Raj Bhavan or the state guest house and preferred the crowd of supporters who gathered at the house. Now he is free from all such bondages. In such a situation, he will be like oxygen for those supporters who are aspiring for power in the government. The door has opened for such supporters as Koshyari. They would like to see Koshyari as such a Shaktipeeth where they can fulfill their desired wishes by bowing their heads.

CM will get strength

A question is also floating that will the return of Bhagat Singh Koshyari in the politics of Uttarakhand give strength to his disciple CM Pushkar Singh Dhami? Dhami considers Koshyari like a father. Koshyari has played an important role in Dhami reaching the CM’s chair. The question is, will Koshyari be in the role of Krishna for Dhami, who is engaged in breaking the cycle of power and politics? It is not a hidden fact that Dhami has to take on his political rivals and political opponents both inside and outside the party. In such a situation, will Koshyari’s Chanakya policy prove to be helpful in making his disciple’s political journey more smooth or will Koshyari become a different power pole and make his disciple’s challenge tougher. Time will decide all this.

Responsibilities will tell Koshyari’s influence in power

The Dhami government is preparing to distribute the responsibility. Many workers are also circumambulating veteran Koshyari for obligations. It will be known from these obligations that how much influence Koshyari has in power now? In view of the circumstances in which Koshyari had to relinquish the governor’s chair, it is common in political circles that now he has lost his old charm in the court of Modi-Shah-Nadda. Agreed that politics is a game of uncertainties, but for the time being big leaders will hardly need to attend his court. Many leaders Dhami-Trivendra-Ajay Bhatt, who are considered to be Koshyari’s supporters, have become poles of power in their own right today.

Bhagat Singh Koshyari is our senior leader. He has a long political experience. He has said that he wants to study now. Certainly the party will get the benefit of his political experiences. The party will also seek his guidance in the Lok Sabha and civic elections.

–Mahendra Bhatt, State President, BJP