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Marburg virus spread in African country Guinea, 9 people died so far, WHO issued alert

The Marburg virus is spreading in the African country of Equatorial Guinea. So far 9 people have died due to this. 16 suspected patients have been found in the country. More than 200 people have been quarantined. Earlier in July 2022, there was an outbreak of this disease in the country of Ghana.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this virus is more dangerous than Corona. 50% of patients who get infected by this die. In the year 2005, this disease spread in Angola, in which 88% of the patients lost their lives.

What is Marburg virus and its symptoms?

Marburg virus is rare to be found in humans. It is mostly found in bats. It comes from the family of Ebola virus. It was first identified in 1967 in labs in the cities of Marburg and Frankfurt in Germany. This disease is spread by touching an infected person or thing.

When infected with the Marburg virus, a person has high fever, chills, bloody nose, vomiting of blood and diarrhea. Symptoms also include headache, muscle pain, jaundice, dizziness and lower abdominal pain.

According to the US Health Agency Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an infected patient may also have a non-itchy rash on the skin. It usually comes on the 5th day of illness. It originates in the abdomen, back and chest.

Death a week after infection

WHO says that on the third and fourth day of Marburg virus infection, the patient starts to look lifeless. There is no expression on his face and the color of the skin becomes pale. Life is not visible even in the eyes. The virus usually kills on the 8th or 9th day. Bleeding and shocks before death. The virus is so contagious that it remains in the body even after death.

What is the treatment for Marburg virus?

There is no vaccine or anti viral medicine for this virus. This can be avoided by taking necessary care of the patient and keeping the body hydrated. There are only two ways to avoid Marburg virus – contact tracing and isolating suspected people.

Restrictions imposed on movement in Guinea

Movement between two nearby villages in Equatorial Guinea has been banned. Contact tracing is currently being done. At the same time, Health Minister Malachi Manaouda of the neighboring country Cameroon said that the border with Equatorial Guinea has been temporarily closed. Manaouda said- This decision will help in early tracing of the disease and prevention of infection.