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Maharashtra / Mumbai: The daughter-in-law was giving ‘slow poison’ to the husband and mother-in-law in food … the doctor informed the police

Police has filed a charge sheet in the murder of businessman Kamalkant Shah and his mother in Santacruz last year. The police have made several revelations in their charge sheet. Police say that Kamalkant’s wife Kajal was having a love affair with another person. To sideline her husband and mother-in-law, she hatched a murder plot.

Kajal was giving poison to eat

Police say that Kajal was slowly poisoning Kamal and his mother’s food. She used to mix arsenic and thallium in their food. Kajal and her lover’s intention was to usurp Kamal’s property. Police told that this poison was taken from some dealers of Punjab and Byculla. The Crime Branch Unit of Mumbai Police filed a two thousand page charge sheet against Kajal and her boyfriend Hitesh Jain. Statements of 75 witnesses have been recorded in the charge sheet.

Gave more poison to Kamalkant’s mother

The charge sheet claimed that Kajal was the third director in Kamalkant’s garment company besides him and his mother. After killing both, he got complete control over the company. Kajal and Hitesh were buying poison since June-July. Kamalkant’s mother Sarla Devi was given food laced with arsenic and thallium. He was admitted to the hospital due to stomach pain. He died on 13 August 2022 due to failure of various body parts.

Also bought in august

However, there is no concrete evidence available with the Crime Branch in the murder of Sarla Devi as she was cremated. The blood report of his metal test was not available. Despite this, an investigating officer says that there are witnesses and evidence which prove that arsenic was purchased in August as well. This confirms that poison was used in his murder as well.

The doctor informed the police

This matter is from last year. The doctor at Bombay Hospital, who was treating Kamalkant, noticed that his hair, beard and mustache were not growing at all. He advised to get the metal test done. Tests revealed that Kamalkant had large amounts of arsenic and thallium in his body. Then the doctors informed the police. Kamalkant died on 19 September. His post-mortem confirmed that he died of poisoning.