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Uttarakhand: BJP’s taunt on Congress, Vipin Kainthola, said – Congress party leaders are playing the game of traveling from place to place, told Karan Mahara to fail!

Taking a jibe at the Congress state president and his organization for not being formed, the BJP said that those who could not form their own team even after one year, are claiming to unite India and join hands. Party’s state spokesperson Bipin Kainthola sarcastically, Mahara, who talks about selecting warriors for his team, has not been able to find such qualified office bearers even by using binoculars till date.

Responding to the questions of the media at the state BJP headquarters, Vipin Kainthola said, the Congress state president is targeting the organizational capacity of the BJP for the 2024 elections, while his condition is that almost a year has passed since sitting on the post. But could not muster the courage to form his own state team. They keep making big statements on the BJP organization, but the warriors whom they were looking for for the Congress organization, they have not been able to find them for 1 year even by using binoculars.

Kainthola said that on the one hand the Congress is noting different types of joint yatras, but the reality is that till date they have not been able to unite even their families. Congress party leaders are playing the game of traveling from place to place. His condition has become so bad that his former president and former leader of the opposition do not take the statements of his state president seriously and are often seen questioning his statements. Their leaders and workers only give statements in the air. Today the condition of the Congress has become such that it has not been able to discharge its role of opposition, but it is definitely trying to strengthen its political ground due to the movements of others, although even there it is paying lip service.

Kainthola advised that they should pay attention to their party and organization because nothing is going to happen by making air statements about others and firing guns on other’s shoulders. The people of Uttarakhand have shown the mirror to the Congress many times before and will show it in 2024 as well.