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Mr. Vikas Singh, don’t talk in such a loud voice, leave… When Chief Justice Chandrachud got angry

A heated argument broke out between Chief Justice DY Chandrachud and Vikas Singh, President of the Supreme Court Bar Association, during the case mentioning for the hearing of a matter related to the allotment of land for the Chamber of Lawyers. Vikas Singh mentioned the matter in front of the bench headed by Chief Justice Chandrachud on Thursday and sought urgent hearing and said that he has been struggling to get the matter listed for the last six months.

Chief Justice expressed displeasure on this matter

The petitioner said that Appu Ghar land was given to the Supreme Court on the petition of the Supreme Court Bar Association. Bar has been given only one block. He is constantly appearing to list the matter but the matter is not being listed. Then the Chief Justice said that you cannot demand land in this way. Are you saying that one day we should listen to this? Singh then said that we are not saying that we should be heard for the whole day. We want to have a case list. We do not want to take it to the residence of the judges. On this, the Chief Justice expressed displeasure and said that you cannot behave with the Chief Justice in this way. Don’t warn us. Please sit down.

You can go outside my court

We will not list the case in this manner. You can go out of my court. We are not going to bow down to this behavior of yours. The Chief Justice said that Mr. Vikas Singh, you should not raise your voice like this. You are the President and act like a mentor to the Bar. I am sorry you are bringing down the level of conversation. You have filed an application under Article 32 and your claim is that the land allotted to the Supreme Court should be given to the bar for making chambers. We will look into this matter when it comes before us.

Will hear on 17th

Don’t put pressure on us for this. We will hear the matter on 17th. Bar President Vikas then said that if the Chief Justice wants to dismiss this petition, he can do so but it should not be done that the case itself is not listed. The Chief Justice said that we said that it will be listed on March 17. Bar President said that we have always supported the court but we were forced to do so. The Chief Justice then said that I am the Chief Justice here. In my long tenure, I have never allowed myself to be troubled by the bar or any party. This should happen in the next two years during my tenure. You should behave like a normal litigant.

Kapil Sibal expressed regret

Later Senior Advocate Kapil Sibal appearing in the second matter said that he was sorry for what happened in the morning and said that the bar should not cross the limits of decorum. Along with Sibal, Senior Advocate Neeraj Kishan Kaul also expressed regret in the matter. Sibal said that we are sorry for whatever happened in the morning and we apologize to you.