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Women’s Safety Week inaugurated in Uttarakhand on International Women’s Day, CM Dhami made these important announcements

We are the seekers of that culture where the concept of a man is considered incomplete without a woman. Where Ardhanarishwar is worshiped on the one hand, while on the other hand Maa Jagdamba is considered to be the root of this universe, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said this on Thursday at the Chief Minister’s residence, Chief Minister’s House, under International Women’s Day, women’s empowerment and security. Said while launching the week and participating in ‘Promotion of women’s participation’. On this occasion, the Chief Minister announced that the person who tries to stop the incidents of mental and physical violence against women and children by informing them at the competent level will be known as Mahila Suraksha Prahari and such person or group by the Chief Minister. Will also be honored on special occasions. He also made another announcement that the person or organization who gives pre-notification of child marriage to the police or tries to stop it, will be rewarded with an amount of Rs. Will be given. On this occasion, the Chief Minister inaugurated the e-paper ‘Apni Vani’ for women empowerment and child development and also inaugurated a short film on self-defense of women. During the program, the Chief Minister also honored those who have done excellent work for preventing child marriage and social concerns by giving them certificates.

Saluting all the women power of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand, the Chief Minister extended best wishes for the Women’s Safety Week programme. He said that the backbone of any society or state is its strong women. If the women power of a state is progressing, then the development of that state is sure, no one can stop it. Women have made their special contribution in the construction of Uttarakhand. On the one hand, where the mother power of the state has taught the entire society to live and fight in adverse circumstances, on the other hand it has also taught it to win in every situation. Women are playing an important role in nation-building, shoulder to shoulder with men. He said that it has been said in our Sanatan culture that where women are worshipped, gods reside there. But over time, due to the influence of the invaders, the society’s attitude towards women changed, the result of which came out in the form of crimes committed against women. But now the time has come to create fear in the minds of those who commit crimes against women. Such people should be punished in such a way that before committing such a heinous crime, their soul trembles thinking about its consequences.

The Chief Minister said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Central and State Governments are making all kinds of efforts together for the empowerment of women. Women will have to move forward as home-makers as well as nation-makers, only then the development of the nation will be possible in true sense. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is our constant endeavor to raise the standard of living of women as much as possible. Under this process, the state government has given 30 percent reservation to women in government jobs, as well as ‘Chief Minister Women Empowerment Scheme’, Chief Minister Mahalaxmi Yojana, Chief Minister Vatsalya Yojana, Chief Minister Aanchal Amrit Yojana, Lakhpati Didi Yojana, to strengthen women’s self-help groups. And have started schemes like Poshan Abhiyan. Be it the field of education, sports or social justice, continuous efforts are being made to empower women in every field.

The Chief Minister said that women have always been on priority in the policies made by our double engine government. The Ujjwala Yojana is being run by the Prime Minister, in this series three gas cylinders are being given free of cost to 01 lakh 76 thousand Antyodaya card holders of the state by the state government. The state government is trying to bring positive change in the society by taking the mantra ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ given by the Prime Minister. It is the responsibility of all of us that our daughters should move ahead in every field and bring laurels to the country. The government is working fast on the ‘Jal Jeevan Mission’ scheme to ease the path of women in the hilly areas. Our target is to include Uttarakhand in the category of leading states of the country by 2025. To achieve this goal, the state government needs the blessings and support of mother power.

Women Empowerment and Child Development Minister Rekha Arya said that under the leadership of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, continuous efforts are being made to empower women economically, socially and politically in the state. Mahalakshmi kit is being given on the birth of a girl child. Under the Nanda-Gaura scheme, an amount of Rs 51 thousand is being given to the daughters on passing 12th. The department is working towards making women self-reliant through several schemes. He said that under the Women Empowerment and Safety Week, programs are being organized by the department throughout the week. Under this, women’s safety and participation promotion awareness program is being organized today. On the second day, free health camps will be organized in coordination with the Health Department, District Administration and Labor Department for the health protection of women and girls, especially unskilled labor women. On the third day, an awareness campaign will be conducted in coordination with the Home Department on important topics related to prohibition of human trafficking and child marriage. Public awareness related to the legal provisions of “Gaura Shakti App” and “Sexual Harassment at Workplace” by the Home Department regarding the safety of women working in government/private institutions, establishments, enterprises, offices, universities and schools operating in the state. Campaign program will be done. On the fifth day, along with the emergency number-112, women’s helpline number-1090, along with the tag line “I am committed to women’s safety” will be marked by the Transport Department on the means of public transport, such as buses, autos, taxis. On the sixth day, providing information about inter-departmental schemes for women empowerment, programs for the upliftment of destitute/single women will be organized in the state level programme.

On this occasion MLA Durgeshwar Lal, Additional Chief Secretary Radha Raturi, Secretary H.C. Semwal, Special Secretary Riddhim Aggarwal, concerned departmental officers and Matrushakti were present.