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Rajasthan / Kota: Troubled by the child’s troubles, the mother took the innocent son’s life, also apologized for her crime in the dargah

Yasin, a 4-year-old child, was scared to see the water and hugged his mother, but the mother was determined to kill him today. 34-year-old Afroz, who lives in Sheopur district of Uttar Pradesh, has been arrested by the Dadabari police of Rajasthan’s Kota district. He has been taken on remand before being sent to jail and when he was interrogated on remand, he made such revelations that the eyes of the policemen sitting in the police station became moist.

The reason for the murder is very shameful

Actually 4 years old Yasin was not completely mentally healthy. He used to get his clothes dirty due to mental disorder. Along with this, saliva always used to fall from his mouth. Afroz told the police that Yasin was also treated, but it did not work. Her husband did not support her. She was upset with the child.

Like a beast, she threw her child in front of the crocodile

She had tried to kill the child several times in Madhya Pradesh too, but she could not do so. Finally, on Tuesday, she reached near Chambal river passing through Dadabadi area of Kota. Chambal river is a river full of crocodiles, often after falling in Chambal river only remains of hands and feet of people can be recovered.

Police heard the shocking truth

Afroz told the police that she had reached a dargah near the river with her 1-year-old daughter and 4-year-old Yameen. He had hired an auto to reach the dargah. A young man named Firoz was also sitting near the dargah, he saw Afroz with two children and after some time Afroz was returning with a baby girl.

He didn’t pay much attention to this, but after some time when he started going towards the dargah, he found the same child in the river which the woman had brought with her. He immediately informed the police. But by the time the police arrived, the woman had left. Police arrested Afroz yesterday and now such revelations have come out in his interrogation. Afroz told the police that she did not want him to kill his child but he did. Yameen’s body has been handed over to his family. Now 1 year old girl is with her father, her mother has been sent to jail.