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Uttar Pradesh / Kanpur: ‘Save me from my mother, my mother wants to sell me with her lover’

In Kanpur, UP, three girls reached the police commissioner’s office to complain against their mother. He had posters in his hands. It was written on them ‘Save me from my mother, my mother wants to sell me along with her lover, we are forced to commit suicide’. Their father was also with these girls aged 4 years, 12 years and 15 years.

‘Mother forcefully wants to keep and sell with her’

The girls allege that a year ago their mother had eloped with her lover Komal Singh. After this, she has filed 6 cases in the court to harass her father. She is pressurizing me to sell the house and give money, only then she will leave. The elder girl alleges that her mother wants to forcefully keep her with her and sell her.

When the family objected, the woman had gone with her lover

The father of these girls sets up a toy shop in a temple. His house is built nearby. His wife had a relationship with a young man named Komal Singh 2 years ago. The family objected to this, so she left with Komal a year ago. The family alleges that she has also taken away jewelery from the house. Along with her husband, she had also accused her brother of assaulting her.

Investigated the matter and gave instructions for action – Police Commissioner

In this case, Police Commissioner BP Jogdand said that three girls had brought their complaints. His mother has gone with someone. He says that the mother is troubling him. The police have been directed to investigate the matter and take action.