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Telangana / Mulugu: Had to walk on the burning coals, it was the order of the panchayat, the elder brother accused the younger one of treachery in the trust

A strange case has come to light in Telangana. Here a person had to enter the blazing fire so that he could prove the allegation against him false. In fact, the allegations against the person were also very serious. He was accused of having an illicit relationship with his brother’s wife. The elder brother also accused his younger brother of this and the matter was also taken to the village panchayat. The Panchayat decided to give the person an ordeal to prove his innocence. According to the information, the matter is related to Banjarupalli village of Telangana. After making allegations of brother here, this case was taken to the panchayat. Here the Panchayat asked the accused youth to first give this fire test. Along with this, orders were also given to lift the hot rod kept in the fire. The young man also gave this ordeal to prove his innocence in front of everyone.

A video related to this whole matter has also surfaced on social media. In this video, the young man is seen doing circumambulation around the smoldering coals. After this he is seen descending into the fire. After this, the young man also picked up the hot red rod kept between the shoals with his own hands and threw it outside the fire.

This video is being shared on social media. Commenting on this, some Twitter users said, ‘Does Telangana also have its own khap panchayat?’ Not only this, according to sources, the panchayat found the young man guilty even after his ordeal. The panchayat later forced the youth to accept his ‘mistake’. After this, the young man’s wife has complained about the matter to the police. At present, more information is yet to come in the matter.