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Webinar organized for prevention of deafness on World Shravan Day in National Health Mission Auditorium

NHM on the occasion of World Hearing Day on Friday in the auditorium of National Health Mission. State level webinar was organized by On this occasion Dr. R. Rajesh Kumar, Secretary, Health Department by N.H.M. The representatives and employees of the National Child Health Program operated under the Center emphasized on working for promoting public awareness programs on the ground for the prevention of deafness. He directed the participating doctors to necessarily screen the children regarding hearing loss. Webinar program organized on the occasion of World Hearing Day inaugurated by N.H.M. It was done by Director Dr. Saroj Naithani and detailed information was given about World Hearing Day. This year, the theme of World Hearing Day has been kept by the World Health Organisation, “Caring for the ear and hearing, let’s make it meaningful together”. The program was conducted by Dr. Pakanj Kumar Singh, the officer in charge of the National Deafness Prevention and Control Program.

Key speakers in the webinar Dr. Alok Jain Sr. E.N.T. Surgeon President Uttarakhand State E.N.T. Surgeon Association, Dr. Manu Malhotra Head E.N.T. AIIMS Rishikesh, Dr. Anoop Kaushal Head Neck Surgeon & Sr. ENT, Dr. V.S. Health workers and doctors associated in the webinar were told about the initial prevention and control of deafness and possible treatment by identifying deafness at the primary level by Tolia Director State Health Authority. Emphasis was laid on the webinar to make people aware and alert about the cause and prevention of the problem of deafness. Along with this, information was given on how to pay attention to the health of your ear. The purpose of World Hearing Day is to make people aware of the problem of deafness and to treat people suffering from it and to make people aware of the unsafe use of audio equipment ie noise pollution.