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Truth and Reality

Uttar Pradesh / Mainpuri: The wishes of the bride were broken! After knowing the truth of the husband, the noise was created, the decision was taken in the police station only after 1 day of marriage.

A shocking case has come to light in Mainpuri district of Uttar Pradesh. After marriage, on the honeymoon, the bride came to know about the reality of the groom, then she made noise. She reached the police station in the night itself. On information, people from maternal side also came. After this the panchayat took place. In the end, when the bride did not agree, the parents took her with them.

Here’s the case

In a village of Kishni police station area, on Friday night, a bride’s desires were broken on the day of honeymoon itself. The newly married woman called her parents and told them that her husband was impotent. The matter reached Kishni police station and a panchayat was held there till Saturday morning. Eventually the married woman went with her parents.

Married on March 2

The young man was married on March 2 with a girl from Etawah area. Came home on Friday after seeing off his wife. Other rituals were completed along with worship lessons at home. Everyone was happy with the arrival of the new daughter-in-law in the house. There was an atmosphere of happiness in the house, but at night the bride went to the room with a glass of milk, and after some time the family members were shocked.

Matter reached the police station

The newly married woman started making noise and she immediately called her parents. After the arrival of the parents, the married woman told them that the husband is impotent. After this the matter reached the police station and the panchayat started. No solution could be found in the panchayat held between the two sides on Saturday morning, after which the married woman went to her maternal home with her father and family members. The said incident which took place on the day of honeymoon in the police station area remains a matter of discussion among the people.