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Madhya Pradesh / Indore: Hobby was hobby to live as a girl, minor boy died in suspicious circumstances, makeup was lying nearby, police engaged in investigation

The death of a minor youth in Indore, Madhya Pradesh has surprised the police. In fact, the cause of the death of a minor is unknown, the young man’s body is neither a bore of any injury nor the investigation has revealed suicide. Due to which the police have sent the body for postmortem, but the family said that the young man was fond of living as a girl and due to this hobby, he often used to go out of the house wearing makeup and clothes like girls.

The society sees a different perspective from a different perspective to see a boy becoming a girl from a social point of view. Due to which the family had to be very ashamed. So the minor tried to commit suicide several times and due to this the father took him from the village to Indore Banganga area for a few days, but he did not know that the minor would die after going there. The name of the deceased is being described as Akshay.

Eyewitnesses say that before the death of the young man, he was crying while talking to someone on the phone and has also found makeup items from him. However, the cause of death is still unknown. At present, the police say that the investigation has been started by establishing the case in the case.

Now after the post -mortem report, the real cause of death will be revealed. Significantly, the police is also surprised in this case because it is becoming difficult to solve the puzzle of death from the statements of family members and the goods found with the young man.