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Uttarakhand / Tehri: Guldar and dog closed together in the bathroom all night, crowds gathered

In Tehri, Uttarakhand, Guldar’s favorite food dog was imprisoned with him all night in the bathroom, but the villagers were not sure about what happened there. In Thapla village of Bhilangana block, a guldar and dog remained imprisoned together for nine hours inside the bathroom. But Guldar did not attack the dog inside the bathroom even once. After much effort, the forest department team succeeded in capturing Guldar in the cage. During this time, Guldar and the dog being imprisoned inside the bathroom remained the subject of discussion among the people. In Meriana Tok of Thapla village of Paukhal One Range, at around 12 pm on Saturday, a guldar came to Vikas Bisht’s house in search of a hunt. As soon as outside the house, the dog entered the bathroom. Guldar also followed him to the bathroom. Seeing the dog and Guldar in the bathroom, Vikas gathered courage and closed the bathroom door and latched the latch from outside. Family members kept looking at the bathroom for two hours. The dog kept barking loudly.

He informed the forest department at around six in the morning. Then at 7.30 pm, the forest department team reached the spot. After this, whoever heard about the incident ran towards Vikas’s house. Shortly there was a gathering of people there.

The forest department team managed to capture Guldar at 9.30 am after putting a cage on the bathroom door. After which the dog also came out of the bathroom safely.

Forest Range Officer Harsharam Uniyal said that the male Guldar, imprisoned in the cage, is around 8-9 years old. Guldar was tested at the veterinarian and sent to Haridwar Chidipur.