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Delhi: The court acquitted the accused for threatening to kill PM Modi, said- no evidence was enough

The Delhi court has acquitted the accused of threatening to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the police helpline 100. The court said that the prosecution has failed to present concrete evidence, due to which the accused is acquitted. Anand Parbat police filed a charge sheet against Mohammad Mukhtar Ali in 2019 under Section 506 (ii) of the Indian Penal Code. Section 506 relates to criminal threats and the other part of it is imposed against those who pose a threat to death or serious injuries.

Metropolitan Magistrate Shubham Devia said in an order passed last month that there was a hand -written general diary and PCR form as evidence to prove the charge against the accused Ali.

In an order passed last month, Magistrate Devdia said, ‘This court feels that the prosecution has failed badly to bring any such evidence in record, which could have made any statement as a threat to kill anyone. Or could prove. “