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Punjab / Bhatinda: This bride used to kill her husbands as soon as she filled her mind, 17 grooms were put to death in 6 years!

On hearing the word serial killer, such an image arises in our mind. In which a person is seen with a knife or gun in his hand. There have been many dangerous serial killers in India. Not only men, but also women. Today we are going to tell you about one such serial killer bride. This bride used to kill her husbands as soon as she filled her mind. It was such that this bride killed 17 of her husbands in just 6 years. The name of this dreaded woman of Punjab was Lala Forest. Lala Van of Bhatinda married her first marriage at the age of 14. She became a widow only after a few days. Actually, for three-four months of marriage, the husband and wife were very happy, but then Lala’s mind started to move away from her husband. Then another person had come in the life of Lala Van. One day the news of the death of Lala Van’s husband spread. Everyone was expressing sympathy to Lala Forest that the girl became widow at such a young age.

Lala Van on the other side was happy. Actually, the husband’s death was part of his planning. She killed her first husband by poisoning them. Lala’s heart was filled with her first husband in just six months. A few days after the husband’s death, Lala married a second marriage. A few days later, Lala’s heart was filled with this man. Then she also poisoned another husband and killed him. He did 17 marriages like this. She used to mix poison in every husband’s food after filling her mind. By the age of 20, Lala killed 17 husbands.

The police suspected the death of Lala’s 16th husband. After this, the police started monitoring Lala. However, the police could not save Lala’s 17th husband. Lala also killed him. This time the police did not give Lala a chance to erase the evidence. The police arrested Lala by taking the corpse in its possession. This was followed by a thorough investigation. In which it was revealed that the 17th husband died of Lala’s poison. The police then strictly interrogated Lala by taking custody. In which Lala confessed her crime.