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Truth and Reality

Holi festival is not celebrated in these villages of Uttarakhand even today!

Holi is being celebrated with pomp in Uttarakhand. Baithki and Khadi Holi of Kumaon in Uttarakhand are known all over the country and the world. Along with standing Holi after sitting Holi, the beat of Dhol-Manjire is heard in the midst of Gulal everywhere. But there are about 100 such villages in Uttarakhand as well. Where this festival of colors is not celebrated. Yes, Holi is not celebrated in about 100 villages of Dharchula, Munsiyari and Didihat in the border Pithoragarh district of the state. Celebrating Holi here is considered inauspicious. Fearing untoward incident, the villagers here do not celebrate Holi.

Silence prevails

In these villages bordering China and Nepal, there is a deep silence in place of Holi celebrations. The myth has been going on here since ancient times, due to which celebrating Holi is prohibited here. There are different reasons for not celebrating Holi in Dharchula, Munsiyari and Didihat. There is a possibility of some untoward incident on celebrating Holi in Munsiyari. Bad omens in Didihat, in the villages of Dharchula, the worshipers of Chhiplakedar do not celebrate Holi.

Colors are not prevalent in Shiva’s land

In fact, other villages of Dharchula including Ranthi, Jumma, Khela, Khet, Syankuri, Garguwa, Jamku, Galati are located in Chhiplakedar, the holy place of Shiva. According to the local people, according to the ancestors, colors are not prevalent in the land of Shiva. This tradition is being followed till date.

Snakes blocked the way to Holyar

Holi is not celebrated in many villages including Chauna, Papdi, Malupati, Harkot, Malla Ghorpatta, Talla Ghorpatta, Manitundi, Paikuti, Phafa, Vadni in Munsiyari.

According to the local people, once Holyar was going to play Holi in the famous Bharadi temple of Devi. Then snakes blocked their way. After this, something untoward used to happen in the house of the person who sang Holi or played Holi. Since then Holi is not celebrated here.

Even in nearby villages, they do not participate in Holi celebrations

The local residents of Doonkot area of Didihat tell that in ancient times there were many bad omens on celebrating Holi in the villages. Since then Holi is not celebrated. Not only this, the people here do not even participate in the Holi celebrations celebrated in the nearby villages.