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Uttar Pradesh / Agra: Husband upset, wife makes video calls every 10 minutes, asks for location, husband lodges complaint

Till now, the wives were troubled by the antics of the husband and reached the police station or counseling center with complaints, but the case which has come to the fore from Agra in UP is quite the opposite. A person had reached here with the complaint of his own wife. The victim said that his wife suspects him. Asks location on every topic. She makes video calls every 10 minutes on some pretext or the other. If you don’t pick up the video call, she creates ruckus at home. Reached the counseling center, the one who heard the matter was stunned.

The matter is being told of Sadar police station area of Agra district. Disturbed by the antics of his wife, a young man had reached here with a complaint at the counseling center. The victim told that he had married the girl eight months ago. Everything went well for three months of the marriage, but after a few days the mood of his wife changed completely regarding talking. The situation was that she started doubting every thing. As soon as she goes out of the house, she starts making video calls every 10 minutes. Asks for location on every talk.

Sometimes on the pretext of food and sometimes on the pretext of something else, she keeps harassing him by making video calls. She creates ruckus in the house for not picking up the video call. It is of the victim that he explained to his wife many times but she is not taking the name of changing her behavior. After listening to the victim, his wife was also called. The woman who reached the counseling center told during the conversation that a few days after the marriage she realized that her husband was having an affair somewhere else, because of which she does this.

It lasts for a day or two, they come home late everyday

The victim’s wife told during the conversation that her husband used to lie down at home everyday. When you ask about coming home late, sometimes they make excuses for meeting and sometimes they make excuses for having too much work. It lasts for a day or two, but he comes home late every day. After a few days of marriage, their gestures have also changed. Because of this, she keeps taking information by making video calls to him.