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‘You will be fired from Britain…’ PM Rishi Sunak’s tough stance on illegal immigrants, preparing to bring a new law

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has warned illegal immigrants that those entering the country by mistake will soon start being deported. He said in one of his interviews to Fox News that either people start coming to Britain properly or action will be taken against them. Sunak said that if you cross the border wrongly and come here, then don’t claim asylum. Along with this, he also warned that illegal immigrants will not get the benefit of modern slavery protection.

The British Prime Minister also put out a tweet, in which he wrote, “If you are here illegally, you cannot claim asylum. You cannot take advantage of our Modern Slavery Protections. You cannot make false claims of human rights and you cannot live here.”

He also said that those coming to the country illegally would be deported and they would also be banned from coming here. He said those coming to the UK illegally would be deported to their home country or to another safe country such as Rwanda.

Law for illegal immigrants
Under new legislation for illegal immigrants, Interior Minister Suella Braverman will be given the legal duty to deport all immigrants who enter illegally. Stopping the boats is the biggest priority for Prime Minister Sunak to stop illegal immigrants. Last year more than 45,000 migrants reached the coast of South East England on small boats. Since 2018, it has increased by 60 per cent every year.

Rules will change in the new law
The UK has a law allowing illegal immigrants to claim asylum after crossing the border. Migrants are allowed to stay while their case is pending, but the new law would prevent such migrants from claiming asylum.

Rights groups and opposition parties have criticized the new law. They say the scheme is unfair to vulnerable refugees. The UK has already tried to enforce deportation, launching a program last year to relocate some asylum seekers to Rwanda. However, no flights to Rwanda have left the UK since the plan was grounded in June last year by an injunction from the European Court of Human Rights.