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New Delhi: 40 lakh stolen from a moving bike in 4 seconds!

A video of such an incident of robbery has come to the fore from the country’s capital Delhi, which you will be stunned to see. Actually, two people had looted 40 lakh rupees from a bike rider near the Red Fort of Delhi. The entire matter was captured in the CCTV there, after which the police arrested the two accused. It is seen in the CCTV video that two people are stealing money from the bag of a person who stopped his bike at a traffic signal. It is seen in the video that the accused are stealing money from the bag of the person who stopped the bike at the traffic signal.

Everything was captured in CCTV

The name of the victim of this incident is Umesh, who is going on his bike. It is seen in the CCTV video that due to the jam on the road, he slows down his bike. At the same time, three miscreants come from behind, open the bag of the bike rider and loot the money kept in it and run away. The person riding the bike does not even get to know that the money kept in his bag has been stolen. In fact, on March 1, three people were seen chasing a bike rider. The bike slows down and stops at a traffic signal between two cars.

38 lakh recovered

In this incident, the bike rider does not even know that the accused disappeared from there after withdrawing Rs 40 lakh from the bag hanging on his shoulder. While taking action in this case, the police arrested two of the three accused. The accused caught by the police were identified as Akash and Abhishek. Police recovered Rs 38 lakh from the accused. According to the police, both are vicious robbers and these people used to target only bike riders.