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H3N2 virus became fatal, 2 people died in Karnataka-Haryana, symptoms are like corona, do not take cold and fever lightly

After Corona, another deadly virus has created a stir. Outbreak of influenza is increasing in many states of the country. First death due to H3N2 virus has been recorded in the country. Two people have died in Haryana and Karnataka. According to sources, apart from these two states, there have been 4 deaths in other states as well. The number of patients is increasing every day. When the country had recovered from the Corona epidemic after three years. Children and the elderly are increasingly vulnerable to the virus.

Significantly, the cases of flu are increasing in the country for the last several days and most of the infections are caused by H3N2 virus, which is also known as ‘Hong Kong Flu’. However, so far only H3N2 and H1N1 infections have been detected in India. Symptoms of these infections include fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath and wheezing. It spreads by coming in contact with an infected person.

H3N2 spreading rapidly

ICMR scientists, who closely monitor respiratory viral diseases, said that H3N2 influenza, which has been spreading widely for the last two-three months. Experts say that in the last 6 months, cases of influenza have increased by 200 percent. There are three main reasons for this. These include the winter season from November to January, increase in air pollution and viral infections.

Symptoms are like corona

There are 90 cases of H3N2 virus across the country. Whereas, 8 cases of H1N1 have been reported so far. Doctors have said that Kovid affects the lower respiratory tract. While H3N2 affects the upper respiratory tract. Like fever, cough, cold, burning sensation in throat, nose and tears. The symptoms of both are similar and they spread rapidly.