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Uttarakhand / Luxor: The car was not found in dowry, the in-laws threw the married woman out of the house holding her hand, the husband gave her triple talaq!

When the demand of dowry was not met, the in-laws beat up the married woman and threw her out of the house. Her husband also gave her triple talaq. On complaining to the State Women’s Commission, the police have registered a case against the accused in-laws including the victim’s husband.

Used to harass for dowry

The woman resident of Sultanpur village of Laksar Kotwali area had given an application to the State Women’s Commission. The woman had told that she was married five years ago to Mohtaram, a resident of Garhgaon of Ranipur Kotwali area of Haridwar district. In the marriage, his relatives had given more household items than their status. But her in-laws were not satisfied with this.

Used to ask for one lakh rupees and a car

The woman alleges that since the marriage, one lakh cash and a car were being demanded in dowry by others including her husband. Due to non-fulfillment of the demand, she was being harassed in various ways since marriage. Meanwhile she gave birth to a son. Even after this, the behavior of the in-laws did not change. He was continuously harassed by them.

Gave triple talaq for not getting a car

The woman alleges that on March 25, 2022, her husband Mohtram, father-in-law Yakub, mother-in-law Sabreem, sister-in-law Shabana, Nandoi Furkan and Ayub entered her room. Everyone said that she cannot live in this house until her demand for dowry is met. Kicked him out of the house while fighting with him. During this, her husband gave her triple talaq by uttering talaq three times.

Case filed against husband and in-laws

The victim somehow reached his maternal home and informed his family members about the matter. It is alleged that no action was taken when the matter was reported to the police. On this she had to take shelter of the State Women’s Commission. On the orders of the Women’s Commission, the police have registered a case against all the accused including her husband. In this regard, Laksar Kotwali in-charge Amarjit Singh said that a case has been registered on the instructions of the Women’s State Commission. Is being investigated. Further action will be implemented only after the investigation.