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Uttar Pradesh / Aligarh: A 4-year-old innocent was trampled by a stray bull, then sat on him

The havoc of a stray bull was seen in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Where a 4-year-old innocent coming from the front on a road was first picked up by the bull standing in front and then trampled. The entire incident of bull attack on a 4-year-old innocent was recorded in the CCTV installed nearby, which is now going viral.

Actually this whole matter is of Dhanipur Mandi under Gandhi Park area of Aligarh police station. Where a case of trampling a 4-year-old child by a stray bull has come to light. At the same time, after the incident, the family of the injured child and the passer-by saved the child somehow and admitted him to the hospital for treatment. Giving information about the whole matter, Vinay Mathur, a resident of the area, told that a 4-year-old child was standing on the way. Meanwhile, a stray bull came from the front and on seeing the child attacked him, first lifted the child and threw it and then sat on the child.

Treatment of the innocent continues in the hospital

After hearing the screams of the innocent child after the bull attack, the child’s relatives and passers-by somehow rescued the child from the bull and admitted him to a private hospital, and also informed the municipal team about the incident. After the information, the corporation’s team reached the spot after a lot of effort, rescued him and took him with them. At the same time, some journalists wanted to talk to the officials of the Municipal Corporation, but some refused to say anything.