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Uproar in Pantnagar University of Uttarakhand, commotion of female professor, officers ran away from office

GB Pant Agricultural University of Uttarakhand. Last day, an entomologist reached outside the Vice-Chancellor’s office demanding justice. There was a lot of uproar.

Seeing the anger of the entomologist, there was chaos in the university. The other officers slipped out of their respective offices, although the entomologist’s anger did not subside. She sat on a dharna on the floor outside the Vice-Chancellor’s office for two hours, later the dam assured of appropriate action, then the entomologist agreed to leave somewhere. This whole matter is related to getting PhD of a girl student and mental harassment of an entomologist. Professor Ruchira Tiwari, the protesting entomologist, had earlier sent an email to the university vice-chancellor and the administration on February 27, in which she had warned of self-immolation in the administrative building on March 9 if justice was not met. Professor Ruchira Tiwari also tells you the reason for the ruckus.

Professor Dr. Ruchira Tiwari alleges that a PhD student Anjali Nautiyal, under the guidance of Professor Dr. Poonam Srivastava of the Department of Entomology, went missing from the university from August 2021 to October 2021 without permission. When he tried to get information, he was told that the girl student is on leave, but in response to RTI, the concerned department did not provide any permission related records. It was argued that the CCTV cameras of the hostel were defunct for years. Defending the student, it was said that she was sent to JNU, but its records are also not with the university. When Dr. Ruchira complained, instead of going to the Disciplinary Committee, the case was sent to the Director Administration Office. There the inquiry committee exonerated the girl student by covering up the whole matter. Now by proving his allegation wrong, he is being mentally harassed. Professor Dr. Ruchika Tiwari wants justice, for this she created a ruckus outside the Vice Chancellor’s office last day, later the police had to be called. However, after getting the assurance of appropriate action from the Dame, he called off the picket.