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Uttar Pradesh / Unnao: Taliban’s punishment for love! Villagers made lover-girlfriend half dead by tying them to each other

A shocking case has come to light from Unnao in Uttar Pradesh. Here the villagers tied a lover and girlfriend together and beat them till both became unconscious. The video of this incident is also becoming very viral on social media, in which it can be seen how the villagers have tied both of them to each other and they are being thrashed by making them lie on the ground. The condition of both is serious and they have been admitted to the hospital.

Tied up and thrashed

Actually this incident is being reported from Barasgawar police station area of Unnao. Where a married woman was having a love affair with a young man from a nearby village. Last night both were caught red handed by the villagers. After this all the villagers gathered there. It was decided that both should be tied together and beaten. Both were tied with a chunni and after that people started beating them. During this, both kept begging, but no one listened to them. This process of beating continued for a long time. The villagers stopped when both of them became unconscious. Later both were admitted to the hospital.

The family demanded action

The family of the youth has lodged a complaint in the police station regarding this matter. The family says that strict action should be taken against the accused. It is told that the woman has two children and her husband works in a hotel in another city. At present, the police is investigating the matter and people are being identified on the basis of the viral video. Police is also recording the statements of both the victims, on the basis of which further action will be taken. At present, there is a lot of discussion about this incident in the area.