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Uttarakhand: Investigation report came on lathicharge, questions started arising, many things are yet to be answered

There has been a stir in the capital Dehradun as soon as the investigation report of the lathicharge case on the unemployed youth reaches the government. In fact, on the basis of this investigation report, the letter written by the Home Department to the Police Headquarters has raised many questions. Not only this, questions are being raised not only on this investigation, but there are many such things which are yet to be officially answered.

Unemployed union president Bobby Panwar asked questions

In Dehradun, when the youth gathered on the streets, there was chaos on the main road of the city. After this, pictures of lathicharge along with stone pelting also started floating on social media. Only these things have been shown in the investigation of Garhwal Commissioner Sushil Kumar. It is clear from the letter written by the Home Department to the Police Headquarters that the Garhwal Commissioner has justified the use of force by the police in his report. Although this investigation report has not been made public yet, but after the Home Department’s letter came to the fore, questions have definitely started to arise on the investigation of the Garhwal Commissioner. The first question has been raised by Bobby Panwar, President of Uttarakhand Unemployed Union, Bobby Panwar has asked that in this investigation, whose fault has been considered regarding the day before the incident. It has not been clarified in this letter.

Harish Rawat raised the issue through tweet

He raised the question that what is being said about the use of mild force can be understood from the photographs that how mild that force was from the police side. The question was raised as to what was the need for the police to end the peaceful February 8 agitation in the middle of the night and on whose instructions all this was done. After the arrival of the investigation report, questions have not been asked only from Bobby Panwar’s side, former CM Harish Rawat has also kept some such burning facts through his tweet which really raise questions. It was said that the three officers who were asked to be transferred by the Home Department to the police headquarters were the only ones responsible. Whereas officers senior to him were on the spot during both those incidents.

Many questions arising

Some questions are also being raised on the letter written by the Home Department to the police headquarters. The answer to which is expected to be given officially soon. The question is that after the investigation done by the Garhwal Commissioner, why is it being investigated once again by the IPS officer. Didn’t Garhwal Commissioner Sushil Kumar investigate on all aspects? Can anything be done on behalf of the IPS officer other than the investigation of the Garhwal commissioner. It is clear in the viral video on social media that at midnight before the lathicharge, senior officers of the police department were also on the spot, so the sword of transfer was imposed only on the little ones. Why was it hanged? One question is that the matter of transfer of three policemen has been written. In such a situation, what are the lapses on the part of the police which came to the fore and in which only these three officers were seen responsible.