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Saudi-Iran came together again after 7 years, China made friendship, said- We are doing what America could not do

Iran and Saudi Arabia have agreed to restore diplomatic relations after 7 years. The enmity between the two countries had created a threat to stability and security in the Gulf region. The deal was announced after four days of previously undisclosed talks in Beijing between the top security officials of the two rival Middle East powers.

The statement said Tehran and Riyadh agreed to resume diplomatic ties between them and to reopen their embassies and missions within two months. This development is important in terms of global world diplomacy, but it would be wrong to consider it as a revolutionary change.

China is promoting this agreement vigorously, the work which America cannot do, China is doing that work. He is trying to tell that he can bring even enemy countries together. However, no policy change is visible from this agreement at the moment. The differences between the two are not going to end.

Effect 4: India has no problem now, Israel’s problem…

1). India will have to prepare itself according to the situation
China has made the agreement at a time when America is moving out of the Middle East. It has to be seen from the Indian point of view how he will adjust himself in this new equation. Although there is nothing to worry about. Because India’s relations with Saudi Arabia are historically strong. As far as Iran is concerned, relations with it are also fine.

2). China is not reliable for Saudi, America is still trusted, Iran got an option
China may be at the center of this development, but Saudi Arabia knows very well that it will get help only from America in terms of security. He also does not trust China. On the other hand, the friendship between Iran and China has grown, there is no doubt about it. The reason for this is China’s anti-Western attitude.

3). Agreement effective only when situation changes in Iraq, Yemen
In the Middle East, clashes between rebels and the government are ongoing in different areas of Syria, Yemen and Iraq. Saudi Arabia and Iran are also helping these struggles. If the status of these countries in the conflict zones changes, then only the effect of the new diplomatic agreement will be considered. Even if Iran has enmity with Iraq.

4). Israel is in danger due to increasing diplomatic relations, if there is any change in the situation, it will be the target
The effect of this agreement will be directly on Israel. Iran does not recognize Israel. In order to stay strong domestically while moving away from regional conflicts, it will intensify attacks in Israel. Even if he does not attack himself, he will provide more help to the rebels in the Gaza Strip, so that the struggle there will intensify. That is, this is the beginning of danger for Israel.

America said – We did not withdraw, but support the effort to reduce tension
US President Joe Biden said that it is important for everyone to have better relations between Israel and its Arab neighbors. US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said that it would be wrong to say that China is replacing America after its withdrawal in the Middle East. America is not removed from the Middle East. Yes, we support any effort there to reduce tensions in the region.