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Uttar Pradesh / Moradabad: Buffalo cheated! Cyber ​​thugs lured such a person by showing photos on WhatsApp, Mohammad Ali could not stop himself

A cyber criminal got one lakh 22 thousand 500 rupees transferred to his account from Mohammad Ali, a resident of Rampur Bheela of Moondhapande police station area of Moradabad. The accused cheated them on the pretext of selling them milch buffaloes of good breed. Mohammad Ali told that he does the business of buying and selling cattle. He got a call from an unknown number. The caller told them that he deals in buying and selling of good breed milch buffaloes in Rajasthan. He has good breed of milch buffaloes. which he wants to sell. After this, the accused WhatsApped the photos of the buffaloes on the businessman’s mobile. Muhammad Ali liked the two buffaloes. The accused said that he would send the animal to them in his own vehicle. On March 4, Mohammed Ali transferred one lakh 22 thousand 500 rupees to the account mentioned by the accused twice. Had promised to deliver the buffaloes home in two days but till now the buffaloes have not been received by the victim.

The accused has also switched off his mobile number. The businessman who was a victim of cyber fraud demanded action against the accused by giving an application in the SSP office. SSP Hemraj Meena has ordered the cyber cell to investigate the matter.