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Congress is dreaming of ‘digging Modi’s grave’ while we… said PM after inaugurating the 10-lane expressway

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday (March 12) inaugurated the 10-lane Bengaluru-Mysore Expressway in Karnataka. The project includes six-laning of the Bengaluru-Nidaghatta-Mysore section of National Highway-275. This 119 kilometer long project has been developed at a total cost of about Rs 8,480 crore.

Prime Minister Modi addressed a rally after the inauguration. In his address, he said that today the people of Karnataka are blessing me. He said that the double engine government is continuously developing in Karnataka. The PM said that today the Bangalore-Mysore Expressway is being discussed across the country, its pictures have gone viral on social media.

Prime Minister Modi further said, the double engine government will repay the love of the people of Karnataka with interest. He said that today the youth of the country are proud of the inauguration of this expressway. He said that more such expressways will be built in the country. The PM said that now the travel time from Bangalore to Mysore has been reduced by half.

‘People used to complain about heavy traffic, but now…’

The Prime Minister said in his address, “Bengaluru and Mysore are important cities of Karnataka. One is known for technology and the other for tradition. It is very important to connect both the cities through technology.” He said that for a long time people traveling between the two cities used to complain about heavy traffic, but now this expressway will cover this distance in just one hour.

‘Congress has ruined the poor man’

The Prime Minister further said, “Prior to 2014, there was a Congress government at the Centre, during that time they left no stone unturned to destroy the poor. The Congress government looted thousands of crores of money meant for the development of the poor. The Congress has never bothered about the pain and suffering of the poor.” He said that the Congress is dreaming of ‘digging Modi’s grave’. The Congress is busy ‘digging Modi’s grave’ while Modi is busy building the Bengaluru-Mysore Expressway and making life easier for the poor.

‘When you gave me a chance to serve by voting…’

The Prime Minister said that in 2014, when you voted for me and gave me an opportunity to serve, a sensitive government was formed in the country that understands the pain and suffering of the poor. After this, the central government of BJP tried to serve the poor with full honesty. He said, “Continuously tried to reduce the difficulties from the life of the poor.”

Let us inform that Prime Minister Modi also laid the foundation stone of the four-lane highway between Mysuru-Kushalnagar. The 92 kilometer long road project will be developed at a cost of about Rs 4,130 crore. This project will play an important role in strengthening the connectivity of Kushalnagar with Bengaluru and will help in reducing the travel time between them from about five hours to just two and a half hours.