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‘Remove Rajnath Singh’s statement on Rahul Gandhi from the action of Lok Sabha’, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary wrote a letter to the Speaker

Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary has written a letter to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla. In this letter, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has been requested to remove the statement where he had made ‘some comments on Rahul Gandhi’.

What did Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary write in the letter?
In his letter to the Lok Sabha Speaker, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said, “Respected Sir, today during the Question Hour, the Defense Minister made some comments regarding some of the speeches made by Rahul Gandhi in UK. The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs also commented on the above issue. The remarks made by the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs were not unparliamentary.


Rules 352, 353 and 357 were mentioned
The letter further states, “Sir, I may also add that Rule 352 intrinsically provides that a member may, while speaking, cause personal injury to another member of the House by questioning his bona fides or imputing his intentions. Will not give reference. Rule 353 also states that no allegation of a defamatory or objectionable nature shall be made unless the member has given sufficient notice to the Speaker. Further, 357 provides that the Speaker shall allow a member to make a personal explanation if some allegation has been made against him.

Both the leaders made baseless remarks on Rahul Gandhi
“Today, both the ministers made baseless remarks against our leader without any prior notice and their party members were not given any opportunity to rebut the allegations. In view of the above, I request you to withdraw the statement of Shri Rajnath Singh Ji and Shri Prahlad Joshi Ji.

What did Rajnath Singh say?
In fact, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday criticized Rahul Gandhi for insulting India in London and demanded an apology from him in front of the House. He said, “Rahul Gandhi is a member of this house. He insulted India in London. I demand that his statements should be condemned by all the members of this house and he should be asked to apologize before the house.” ”

The current session of Parliament will run till 6 April
Let us tell you, this session of Parliament will start from today i.e. March 13 and will continue till April 6. There will be a total of 17 meetings during this period. Currently, there are 26 Bills pending for passage in Rajya Sabha and 9 in Lok Sabha.