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Bihar / Jamui: Not serial killer but “kisser” captured in CCTV! Absconding after forcibly kissing the woman, the police is waiting to meet her

You must have heard a lot about serial killers, but these days a kisser in Bihar’s Jamui has become a topic of discussion among people. This kisser is a young man who suddenly ran away after kissing an unknown woman. A CCTV footage has surfaced from Jamui where a woman was talking to someone on mobile in the Sadar Hospital premises. Meanwhile, the young man comes from behind and forcefully starts kissing the woman. Until the woman understands something, the young man forcibly kisses the woman and runs away. The incident is of Jamui Sadar Hospital premises.. The incident is being told on Friday, 10 March. Its CCTV footage has come to the fore.

Female health worker is working in Sadar Hospital since 2015. The woman said that such an incident had never happened to her before. On Friday, March 10, when she was talking to someone on mobile, a young man came running to her by jumping over the wall of the hospital. He ran away after doing obscene act by pressing his mouth. Before she could understand anything, the young man had fled. This incident was captured in the CCTV camera installed in the hospital.

Police engaged in investigation on the basis of CCTV footage

Here, in this whole case, the victim woman has registered a case by giving an application in the town police station of Jamui. The woman has pleaded for justice. Here the police has started searching for the accused youth. Police Station President Rajiv Kumar Tiwari said that strict action will be taken after arresting the accused youth soon.

‘The boundary of Sadar Hospital is very low’

The victim said that women are not safe here. The boundary of Sadar Hospital is very low. Anything can happen. Have also spoken to CS and SMO. Women should be given facilities so that they can work. Jamui DSP Rakesh Kumar has said that CCTV footage has come to the fore. Investigation is going on. FIR will be registered action will be taken.