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Uttar Pradesh / Auraiya: Lord Krishna came in a dream and put a garland around her neck, the girl actually got married to Kanha!

In Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh, a young woman married Lord Krishna. Pandit ji chanted mantras and got them done seven rounds according to the rules and regulations. The wedding rituals were completed with all the customs. Aisi Lagi Lagan Meera Ho Gayi Magan…Woh Gali Gali Hari Guna Lagi Lagi…Meera’s love for Lord Krishna has been expressed through this hymn, but Raksha Solanki, a resident of Auraiya, has no less love for Kanhaiya. Is. While visiting Vrindavan, Raksha got married to Shri Krishna on Saturday considering everything as everything. Taking the idol of Shri Krishna in his lap, he took seven rounds and all the rituals of marriage were performed. Along with him, a feast was also given to the family and other people.

Raksha Solanki is a resident of Bidhuna town of Auraiya. Father Ranjit Solanki told that in July 2022 the daughter had come to Vrindavan with him and accepted everything to Kanhaiya. Since then she was determined to marry Thakur ji. Seeing the daughter engrossed in the devotion of Shri Krishna, the parents could not stop talking about her. Raksha Solanki got married with an idol of Lord Krishna on March 11 in Auraiya in the presence of her relatives. Raksha is pursuing LLB after MA. Father is former principal. They have four children, including 3 daughters and a son. Raksha Solanki said that she has been dreaming for a long time that Lord Krishna has come to her and put a garland around her neck. There was social pressure from all around for marriage, so she got married with Kanhaiya.