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Rajasthan / Baran: First by giving sleeping pills to mother-in-law and father-in-law, they put them to sleep, then after looting household goods, daughter-in-law absconded with her lover

It is said that love is blind. The intoxication of love is such that lovers even forget the difference between right and wrong. Today there is neither age limit nor caste, religion bond in love. The surprising thing is that extra-marital affairs of married people are also coming to the fore. Even after marriage, the husband or wife falls in love with another. One such case has come to the fore in Rajasthan. Let us tell you that a shocking case has come to the fore. Knowing which you will be surprised. In fact, in Rajasthan’s Baran, the police have arrested the loving couple who committed the theft incident in the house. According to the information, the Shahabad police have arrested two accused, including the absconding daughter-in-law, who took cash and jewelry with her lover from the house. During interrogation, it was found that the woman, along with her lover, gave sleeping pills to the mother-in-law and father-in-law. After this, both of them fled after stealing the valuables and jewelry from the house.

Let us tell you that the police have recovered the stolen cash and jewelery from the accused. In this matter, the police officer gave information. He told that on March 2, the victim Puranchand Kirad had registered a case at the Shahabad police station. In fact, the victim’s daughter-in-law Urmila, along with Morai residents Mukesh Gurjar and Dilip, first mixed sleeping pills in their food. After eating food with the effect of sleeping pill, both of them fell into a deep sleep. After this, taking advantage of the opportunity, Urmila stole gold jewelery and Rs 50,000 and eloped with her lover.

Police was engaged in search on the basis of Tahrir

On the basis of the victim’s Tahrir, the police was looking for the accused. The police had registered a case against the accused on other sections including cheating. Now he has been arrested and sent to jail.