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Uttarakhand budget session second day, opposition thundered inside and outside the house, raised the issue of unemployment. Congressmen demonstrated with sugarcane in their hands

The proceedings of the second day of the Uttarakhand budget session have begun. Today there will be a discussion on the Governor’s address along with the legislative work. Along with this, question hour and economic survey will also be discussed. At the same time, as soon as the proceedings started, the attitude of the opposition was visible. First of all, the opposition raised the issue of unemployment.

Congressmen demonstrated with sugarcane in their hands

On Tuesday, a large number of Congress MLAs reached the main gate of the Vidhansabha Bhavan and the MLAs demonstrated with sugarcane in their hands demanding payment of arrears of sugarcane. During this the police stopped them from going inside.

Congress will bring work stop motion

Leader of Opposition Yashpal Arya said that during the discussion on Tuesday, we will keep our point. Along with this, he will raise the issue of recruitment scam and demand for increase in sugarcane price under the motion to stop work in the House.

Teachers march to assembly today

Uttarakhand secondary guest teachers have announced march to Bharadisain assembly today for pending demands. Teachers say that the government is ignoring their interests. Even after the assurance, their demands were not implemented. State President of Secondary Guest Teachers Association, Abhishek Bhatt said that guest teachers can be associated in the block without affecting the service, but by not doing so, their services are being terminated. Due to which there is resentment among the guest teachers. He said, the demand for posting of guest teachers in their home districts was also not implemented. In most of the districts of the state, guest teachers are being given honorarium during summer and winter vacations, but teachers of Pauri and Chamoli districts are not getting honorarium for this period. Said that the demand for health facilities, maternity leave and honorarium for the strike period of the guest teachers should also be implemented.

The nodal officers who went to give duty in the Gairsain session, the secretariat union was enraged by the poor arrangements for the living and food of the personnel, Deepak Joshi made this demand to the speaker and the government

Today, the secretariat association has expressed a sharp reaction against the poor arrangements for the accommodation of all the nodal officers and associate employees of the secretariat and the drivers of the state property department, who are giving official duty in the assembly session held in Gairsain. Deepak Joshi, president of the Secretariat Association, has told that the fact has been brought to the notice of the Secretariat Association by the nodal officer and other supporting personnel giving duty in the assembly session held in Gairsain that there is no availability of sufficient room to stay there and neither The quality of the food itself is reasonable. According to Deepak Joshi, the food arrangements made by the Legislative Assembly Secretariat are of very low quality and there is an atmosphere of chaos due to the arrangement of food for all the people together. He said that our people are forced to eat whatever they want, standing in long queues for food for the people on duty, in a very pathetic condition. Deepak Joshi said that this type of system is very pathetic and condemnable.

Deepak Joshi alleged that on the other hand separate arrangement of high quality has been made for high officials and dignitaries but our nodal officers and other support personnel are not being given entry there. Deepak Joshi alleged that this dual system cannot be called welcome. He said that the Secretariat Association strongly opposes such dual system and demands the Vidhansabha Secretariat, especially the Vidhansabha Speaker, to ensure adequate room arrangements and high-quality catering arrangements for nodal officers and support personnel, by immediately resolving the above deficiencies. does.

Deepak Joshi, president of the Secretariat Association, said that in view of such mishaps in the assembly session to be held in Bharadisain, there is also a demand from the government of the Secretariat Association for the future that in view of the mishaps being done by the assembly secretariat, the secretariat service will be stopped from now on. Any officer should be posted as nodal officer only till the arrangements for adequate room and high quality food etc. are made for their stay.