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Chhattisgarh / Kanker: He was a debtor of 25 lakhs, killed himself along with his family to get the insurance amount of 75 lakhs, but the police brought him alive, his wife was unknown

Distressed by debt, Samiran Sikdar, a resident of Pakhanjur PV 42 in the district, went missing along with his family after burning his car to get the insurance amount. Distressed by loss in business and debt, Samiran had gone missing along with his family since the night of March 1 after burning a car in Chawdi village under Charama police station to prove himself dead. After burning the car, he reached Allahabad with his family from Dhamtari by bus and reached Bihar by train, buying his mobile and keeping an eye on the police action from the news of Kanker. The police was continuously searching for the family of the car rider. Fearing police action, he reached home via Odisha and contacted the family. Sameeran Sikdar had hatched a conspiracy to get the insurance amount for himself and his family members due to a loan of Rs 25 lakh. It may be noted that on March 1, a burning car was found in Chawdi village on Korer road under Charama police station. Police reached the spot on information about burning of the car. By the time the police arrived, the car was completely gutted. Forensic examination of the car did not find human remains in the car. The remains of two mobiles were found inside the car. Due to the night, the car was again examined by the forensic team of Raipur on the morning of March 2. The water body found in village Chawdi belonged to Bipul Sikdar, resident of Pakhanjur PV 42. Samiran Sikdar, son of Bipul Sikdar, and his family, who were traveling in the car, had gone from Kanker to Raipur for treatment at eight o’clock in the morning of March 1. No human remains were found in the car. After which the family of the car rider was being searched. Disclosing the mystery of the missing family, Kanker Superintendent of Police Shalabh Kumar Sinha said that on the night of March 1, a car was found burning in Chawdi village of Charama.

Human remains were not found in the forensic examination of the car. Sameeran Sikdar and his family, who were traveling in the same car, were missing since the night of March 1. Five teams of Kanker police were engaged in search of the missing family. In search of the family, a search was conducted by the team formed for investigation from Pakhanjur to Raipur. Laj, hotel and CCTV of Dhamtari and Raipur were being investigated. During the investigation of the hotels of Dhamtari, on the morning of March 2, the matter of the family leaving Hotel Ashiana came to light. Information was received about getting the first clue of the missing family and getting the photo printed by Samiran Sikdar at Ajay Photo Studio, Raipur Pandri on March 2. After connecting the missing family with Dhamtari and Raipur, the police with the help of cyber cell extracted the call details of Samiran Sikdar and his wife Jaya Sikdar. Same, after the exit of Samiran Sikdar from Raipur Photo Studio, the CCTVs installed at the railway station and bus stand in Raipur were examined. In which no information about the missing family was found.

Sameeran Sikdar was in debt of Rs 25 lakh due to loss in business. Sameeran and his family members had insurance in LIC. Sameeran had hatched this conspiracy to get the insurance amount by proving that he burnt to death in the car to repay the loan. But due to non-availability of human remains in the car, Sameeran could not succeed in his plan. Monitoring was kept on the action of the police on the news of Kanker in the mobile phone from Bihar.

Sameeran had understood from the evidence received by police from Dhamtari’s Laj and Raipur’s photo studios that he would not be able to succeed in his conspiracy and the police would reach Sameeran and his family. Afraid of police action, on March 13, Sameeran reached Pakhanjur via Orissa and contacted the family through the phone of the servant of his family farm house. And told the story of the whole conspiracy to the police.

Was preparing to live outside the state

While going to Raipur on March 1, Samiran Sikdar took three lakh rupees from Dhamtari’s poultry trader Basant Agarwal for business and while returning from Raipur, he took four lakh rupees from poultry trader Basant from another trader of Kapasi. Taking a total of seven lakh rupees in cash, he reached Dhamtari by bus after burning a car in Chavadi village on the night of March 1 and reached Raipur with his family on the morning of March 2 and reached Allahabad by bus. Caught the train from Allahabad to Bihar.

After reaching Patna, he bought a mobile and keeping an eye on the conspiracy hatched for the death of himself and his family members on the news of Kanker, he used to roam from Patna to Guwahati, Guwahati to Ranchi and Sambalpur with his family. Seeing the failure of the conspiracy, he returned from Sambalpur to Pakhanjur. Proving himself dead, Sameeran kept looking for a city to settle down in other states, but due to the failure of the conspiracy and the troubles faced by the family in other cities, he returned to Pakhanjoor.

Police investigated more than 9 lakh mobile numbers

While searching for the missing family traveling in a car from March 1, the cyber cell checked more than 9 lakh mobile numbers dumped in towers from Pakhanjur to Raipur, in which a list of more than 45 thousand mobile numbers was being verified. Over one thousand CCTVs from Pakhanjur to Raipur were examined by five teams formed for police investigation, while the missing families were searched in more than 300 hotels, lodges, night shelters and Dharamshala.

The wife was not aware of the conspiracy

Jaya Sikdar was not aware of the conspiracy to prove Sameer Sikdar dead by burning his car to usurp the insurance amount to repay the loan. While going to Raipur during treatment, Jaya Sikdar was asked to keep the clothes of the family members while asking her to stay in Raipur for a day or two. While returning from Raipur, due to the night in Dhamtari, told to stay at Ashian Hotel. After coming back to the hotel after having food from Dhaba, met the businessman and told him to return and after reaching village Chawdi, burnt the car and reached the hotel by bus. On reaching the hotel, informed Jaya Sikdar about the whole conspiracy.

After reaching Pakhanjoor on Monday, Samiran Sikdar contacted the police and revealed the conspiracy hatched to kill himself and his family by burning in the car. Police have recovered Rs 5 lakh 40 thousand in cash, mobile, travel tickets, hotel bills from the possession of Samiran Sikdar and have registered a crime against Sameeran Sikdar for misleading the police and concealing evidence.