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Uttar Pradesh / Mahoba: A woman was bitten by a snake, but the doctor was shocked to see the young man’s action!

A surprising case has come to light from Mahoba in UP. A woman working in a field was bitten by a snake here. As soon as the woman’s son came to know about this, he put the snake in a polythene and reached the hospital with his mother. Doctors were also stunned to see the snake packed in polythene in the hospital and asked the reason for bringing the snake along. On this the son told that he wanted to show the doctor what species the snake was and how poisonous it was, so that he could get the right information before treating him. Doctors have admitted the victim woman to the emergency ward and she is being treated.

What is the whole matter

The son packed the snake that bit his mother in polythene. This case pertains to Sijhari village under Srinagar Kotwali area of Mahoba. Rama, the 32-year-old wife of Sanjeev Kumar, who lives here, was bitten by a snake while working in the field. It is told that Rama was picking and keeping the crop of peas in his field. Meanwhile, the snake sitting there bit her, after which the woman’s condition started deteriorating. After screaming, the woman fainted in the field itself.

Hearing the screams of the woman farmer, the nearby villagers and her relatives gathered. Nikhil, the woman’s son who reached the spot, saw the snake going nearby, caught it and kept it in polythene. Taking the snake in polythene, the woman’s son reached the district hospital for treatment.

Here he admitted his mother to the emergency ward for treatment and showed the snake to the doctor and asked for treatment. The people present were also surprised to see the snake in polythene. The woman’s son told that his mother was bitten by a snake while working in the field. For proper treatment of the mother, he brought it to the doctor for identification of the snake. However, now the victim woman is out of danger and is being treated.