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Uttarakhand: The leader of the opposition made a verbal attack on the government, said – Uttarakhand government seems to be bowing down before the bureaucracy, accused of neglecting the state agitators as well

In Uttarakhand, Leader of Opposition Yashpal Arya made a strong political attack on the state government. He said that in every case the government is proving to be insensitive and inexperienced. Yes, bowing down in front of bureaucracy is also visible. Yashpal Arya pointed out all the flaws in the budget presented by the government in the press conference held in the Vidhansabha. He said that in the budget session convened at Gairsain, the Congress Legislature Party tried to raise every question of the public through the Vidhansabha in the short time available, but the government proved to be insensitive and inexperienced in every matter and bowed down before the state bureaucracy.

The government was seen running away from discussion
He said that the Congress Legislature Party has raised question hour, adjournment of work, general discussion on the budget and harassment of the unemployed under other accepted rules, copying mafia, restoration of old pension scheme, disaster in Joshimath and other places of the state, land tenure etc. took up matters. In all these cases, the government kept running away from giving direct answers to the questions of the opposition. Due to the short duration of the session, discussions could not be held on the scams of many other departments including gardens and many important questions related to the public. He alleged that due to wrong answers of the government, its lack of communication, insensitivity and bigotry in the Gairsain session, many parliamentary traditions have also been destroyed.

State agitators also neglected
The Leader of the Opposition said that this time the people of the state had hoped that the session would go on for a long time, but the government adjourned the session indefinitely, two days before the earlier announced period. This proved that it has no interest in solving the big questions of the people of the state through the state’s supreme house legislature. He said that the government did not put the bill of horizontal reservation for the state agitators on the table of the assembly even after getting approval from the cabinet in Gairsain to be kept in the assembly. Congress MLA Anupama Rawat did not allow the private member’s bill on this subject to enter the House.

Government is not interested in important matters
He said that what would be a bigger mockery of this state than that the government makes such a big mockery of the state agitators who were fighting for its creation. The Leader of the Opposition said that there are hundreds of subjects in the state which are waiting to be brought into law by bringing bills. Despite this, if the government is talking about not having business to run the assembly session, it proves that the BJP has no interest in running the parliamentary system of governance from the central parliament to the state assemblies.

Directionless budget of incompetent government
The Leader of the Opposition described the budget of 2023-24 as a directionless budget presented by an incompetent government. He said that it would not be an exaggeration if this budget is said to be directionless, resolutionless, regressive, growth-obstructing and inflation-increasing budget against the interests of the common man. In the general budget, only empty announcements have been made, but there is no mention of where the money will come to fulfill them. There will be no exaggeration if this is called a budget of ‘ghee drinkers with loans’.

BJP government took a loan of Rs 1 lakh crore in seven years
The Leader of the Opposition said that the government has estimated to take a loan of Rs 19 thousand 460 crore in this financial year in the budget. After the BJP government came to power in 2017, if the loan taken by the government in seven years is added, then it amounts to Rs 99 thousand 749 crore. Expressing surprise, he said that in 17 years after the formation of the state, till 2017, all the governments had taken a loan of only Rs 35 thousand crore and after 2017, in the 7 years of the BJP governments, a loan of about Rs 1 lakh crore was taken. The Leader of the Opposition said that the government did not even answer the question of the opposition in the house that it should inform the people of the state through the house that how much debt is there on the state today? The Leader of the Opposition said that the figures are the witness that even after paying back some of the loans taken in 22 years and paying the interest, the state will still have a debt of more than one lakh 20 crores.

The government could not answer regarding the loan
The Leader of the Opposition told the journalists that this year’s budget of the state is only 77 thousand 407 crores and the debt on the state is about 1 lakh 20 thousand crore rupees, so you all can understand the economic condition of the state. He said that we asked the government with the figures that why so much loan is being taken or what was the productivity in the state with the loan of one lakh rupees taken in 7 years? How many new jobs were created? Which public welfare scheme was run? So the government did not give any answer to these questions.

Empty rhetoric budget, above the danger signal
The Leader of the Opposition said that there is a complete lack of financial management in this budget of hollow announcements and jumlebaazi, therefore the debt on the state of Uttarakhand has exceeded the size of its annual budget. Uttarakhand has crossed the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act (FRBM) limit of keeping the debt and liability up to 25 percent of the total gross domestic product i.e. GSDP in 2019-2020 itself. He said that by the end of this financial year, the government’s outstanding liabilities will be 28.2 percent of GSDP. Which is 3.2 percent more than the danger signal.