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Uttarakhand: BJP’s family increased again, members of many political parties joined BJP, Mahendra Bhatt got membership

Impressed by the policies and leadership of BJP, a large number of office bearers and senior workers of various political parties have taken membership of the party. Welcoming all the political workers who participated on this occasion, State President Mahendra Bhatt said that all of you are here impressed by the works of Prime Minister Modi and Chief Minister Dhami, now we all have to take those works further together. In this program held at the party headquarters, State President Bhatt welcomed all the newcomers with flower garlands and gave them formal membership of the party. On this occasion, he said in his address, somewhere it is the result of the excellent work done under the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the leadership of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami that the process of joining BJP continues unabated. Booth level grassroots workers of various political parties are in constant contact with us to connect with BJP’s nationalist ideas and development oriented politics. This is the reason why the party is continuously organizing programs at the assembly level to include the booth level workers in the party.

Among those who joined the party, Anup Pant, central spokesperson of the UKD Democratic Party, said, “It is a matter of pride for us to join the ideology and leadership of the BJP.” State Vice President of Swaraj Party, Mrs. Gauri Rautela, who joined the same party, assured that, now a large number of political and social workers are willing to take membership of the party, which will be included with big programs in the area after the instructions of the state leadership. Will go On this occasion, the office bearers and workers and social workers of various political parties who took membership of BJP include Durga Prasad, Mohan Bisht, JP Mamgai, Surendra Sundriyal, Ashok Bisht, Gajendra Badola, Niranjan Panth, Kiran Sharma, Smt. Deepa Rauthan, Mrs. Deepa Rawat, Mrs. Shobha Sundaram, Mrs. Krishna Gaharwar, Mrs. Lakshmi Negi, Mrs. Jyoti Butola, Mrs. Seema Rana, Mrs. Deepa Butola, Mrs. Mamta Rawat, Mrs. Daywanti Bisht, Mrs. Vandana Singh, Mrs. Vrinda Sawant, Mrs. Yashoda Bhandari , Smt. Pinky Negi, Smt. Savita Bamrada, Smt. Anju Panuli, Manju Panuli, Mamta Joshi, Darshani Kala, Darshani Rawat, Geeta Kaur, Beena Negi, Himani Rawat, Vimla Rawat, Umesh Pundir, Rajeev Tiwari, Rajeev Puri, Manoj Puri, Golu Hundreds of workers including Bharti, Abhishek Dhaundhiyal, Manish, Hemant Dimri, Atul Sharma, Jagbir Singh Mansaram Pant, Kanta Prasad Pant, SP Nautiyal, Anusuya Prasad Dobriyal were involved.

State Treasurer Puneet Mittal, State Media Incharge Manveer Singh Chauhan, Rishikesh Mayor Mrs. Anita Mamgai, Rishikesh District President Ravindra Rana, Subhash Barthwal, State co-media incharge Rajendra Negi were present in this program conducted by State General Secretary Aditya Kothari.