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Indian-origin man to be hanged in Singapore on Wednesday, what is the crime?

A 46-year-old man of Indian origin will be hanged tomorrow i.e. Wednesday (April 26) for drug trafficking in Singapore, although his family had filed a petition in the court for not hanging, which was rejected. Is.

The name of this young man is Tangaraju Supayya. He was arrested in the year 2014 on charges of drug abuse and drug trafficking. After this, he was sentenced to death on 9 October 2018 on charges of smuggling one kilogram of cannabis from Singapore.

Tangaraju defended himself in the court

According to a report in Channel News Asia, Tangaraju Supayya was drug tested after his arrest. In this he had failed. However, Tangaraju defended himself in the court saying that he was not involved in drug smuggling.

Along with this, he also said that I have never smuggled drugs. However, he could not prove this in the court. The court said in its decision that Tangaraju’s phone has proved that he was involved in the crime of drug smuggling.

Questions arising on the decision of the court

Questions are being raised on the decision of the court before Tangaraju Supayya was hanged. Regarding this matter, British billionaire Richard Branson has questioned in one of his blogs that why should he be hanged? He has further written that Singapore is going to hang an innocent person tomorrow.

Singapore Foreign Ministry has taken this statement of Branson seriously. The ministry has reacted to his statement and said that Branson’s views show disrespect for the country’s judges and the criminal justice system.

Along with this, the ministry made it clear that narcotics will not be tolerated at all. To deal with this, we are adopting zero tolerance approach.

Aljajira has claimed in one of its reports that Tangaraju told his sister during a conversation that the officers had taken Tangaraju to his place of execution after weighing him.