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Uttarakhand: Competition going on in Congress to speak against the government, Congress creating hindrance in tourism activities – Mahendra Bhatt

Accusing the Congress of obstructing tourism activities, the BJP said that it had failed in its efforts at the time of the Joshimath disaster and is now staging a sit-in in Mussoorie and making all kinds of statements.

State President Mahendra Bhatt, while answering the questions of journalists at the party headquarters, said that former Chief Minister Harish Rawat’s proposed dharna in Mussoorie regarding the road system is an attempt to completely affect the tourist season. He hit back and said that the Congress party and the people of the state have rejected him and he keeps doing such political programs to remain in the headlines. But in a busy city like Mussoorie during the peak season of tourism, tourists and local businessmen may face problems due to such a program. They should avoid it in the interest of the state. However, to affect the tourism business in this way, all the leaders of the Congress party have done this even during the Joshimath disaster. He said that the Dhami government is continuously doing excellent work regarding the roads and in such a situation, if Rawat compares today with the roads of his chief ministership, then he will feel the truth and will not even think of agitation.

Regarding the nine questions asked by the Congress leaders to the BJP, Bhatt said that in a democracy, the public gives answers to such questions and the public has been giving answers to these questions continuously in the elections. He said, all the Congress leaders including Harish Rawat sometimes praise the Dhami government and sometimes criticize, because they are not concerned with the issues of the people. There is a competition going on in the Congress to speak against the government without issues.

Regarding the question asked about Love Jihad, he said that the government is bringing strict laws on all subjects including religious conversion. All the cases are in the notice of Chief Minister Dhami and serious action is being taken by him. The party believes that land jihad or love jihad is anathema to all Devbhoomi and cannot be accepted at any cost.