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Uttarakhand: Leader of Opposition Yashpal said- Government failed to answer the questions of opposition in the House

Yashpal Arya, Leader of Opposition, said that in the monsoon session of the Assembly, the Congress Legislature Party, while fulfilling the full responsibility of the main opposition party of the state, surrounded the government at every step. At the same time, the government has failed to answer the public questions asked through the opposition in the Assembly. The Congress Legislature Party thanks the Honorable Assembly Speaker for running the House efficiently and fairly and taking tough decisions from the bench to protect the dignity of the Honorable MLAs.

Shri Arya said that the government is running the monsoon session for a very short period like the previous sessions. Despite the limited presence, all the honorable Congress MLAs, while performing their legislative duties, made full use of every provision of the Assembly Business Conduct Rules 2005 and fully raised the voice of the people of the state on the floor of the Assembly.

He said that the Congress, at every level, opposed running the assembly session for fewer days in a year and put forward every demand to the government to extend the duration of the monsoon session, but the government did not extend the session. According to the operating rules, the Assembly sessions should have been held for at least 60 days in three sessions of the year. This year the Assembly has lasted only 7 days, including the recent monsoon session. This also includes mourning days in which no work is done except discussing the condolence proposal. Last year also the assembly lasted only for 8 days.
The excuse that the government is not in business is a ridiculous argument. Hundreds of laws of Uttar Pradesh are currently running in the state. Every day we see that, new laws are needed to run the state smoothly. Still, the government does not bring a bill, this legislative work is the business of the House.

Arya said that the government is not bringing bills on important subjects in the Assembly. The Congress Legislature Party is fulfilling this deficiency of the government. Honorable Congress MLAs are presenting effective bills prepared by the Congress Legislative Party in the House. This time, Honorable Congress MLA Anupama Rawat and Honorable MLA Manoj Tiwari brought two effective bills on very important subjects in the House. MLA Anupama Rawat brought an effective bill for the third consecutive time to provide 10 percent horizontal reservation in state services to the state agitators and their dependents. The government should have done this work earlier, this time the government also felt ashamed. The government brought Anupama Rawat ji’s bill as a government bill.

He said that MLA Manoj Tiwari, on behalf of the Congress Legislature Party, has also introduced ‘Uttarakhand Outsourced Employees Bill 2023’ in the Assembly with the aim of regularizing the services of thousands of youth doing temporary services like sub-nal, ad-hoc, contractual, part-time etc. in the state. Presented and placed the entire subject before the state through the Legislative Assembly. If in two years the states of Rajasthan, Orissa, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab have brought laws to make the services of their temporary employees permanent, then why can’t the Uttarakhand government bring this law? In the future also, if the government in Uttarakhand, while fulfilling its duties, does not bring a bill in the Assembly in the interest of the unemployed, temporary workers, poor and women of the state, then the opposition will fulfill its duties and present a legislative challenge to the government by presenting effective bills. Will do.

Arya said that Congress MLAs made full use of the Question Hour. Honorable Congress MLAs discussed the issues related to dengue, compensation and rehabilitation of disaster victims, funds spent on Smart City Dehradun, construction of cow shelters for stray animals, loss of farmers due to unseasonal rains, inclusion of jaggery producers in cottage industries, Ravi and Kharif. The government was badly cornered on questions related to crops, providing prime ministerial houses to people below the poverty line, payment of sugarcane price. The government did not have answers to the questions of the opposition MLAs.

The Leader of Opposition said that in the House which lasted only two days, the opposition raised the issue of destruction by government departments in the name of encroachment in the state under Rules 310 and 58, disaster, unemployment, land law, law and order, power cut, terror of wild animals, The government was badly cornered on the issue of closing schools by creating clusters. It is a matter of regret that the government in Uttarakhand is not giving proper and satisfactory answers to the questions raised by the opposition in accordance with the dignity of the Legislative Assembly.

Senior Congress leader and MLA Chakrata Shri Pritam Singh, MLA Nanakmatta Gopal Singh Rana, MLA Dwarahat Shri Madan Bisht and Rajiv Maharishi were present in the press conference.