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Satyapal Malik said – Nuh riot was government sponsored, they wanted to spread it to many cities, but farmers did not support them

मेवात के सम्मेलन में काफी संख्या में लोग मौजूद रहे।

Former Meghalaya Governor Satyapal Malik said that the riots in Nuh, Haryana were government sponsored. The central government wanted to spread it to Aligarh, Muzaffarnagar, Agra, Bharatpur and Jaipur, but when the farmers did not support them, the riots did not spread. They will still try like this, but we don’t need to get into that.

Malik said these things while talking to the media after attending the Jat-Muslim-Meghwal conference organized at SK Ground in Sikar. He said- PM Narendra Modi did not even go to Manipur. The condition of my feet is so bad, but I will go from place to place to get them removed.

These are very dangerous, cruel and evil people. It is your duty to remove them. If this government is not changed then farming, military and everything that is good in this country will end. Regarding the conference, the former Governor said that now there is a need for such programs because efforts are being made to create Hindu-Muslim riots in the country.

Malik said that now Modi government will not be formed in Delhi. Even in the Pulwama attack, it was the Central Government that got the soldiers killed because they did not provide airplanes to the soldiers. Malik said- There is reporting in the media that the applications of the soldiers remained pending in the Home Ministry for 4 months. If you had asked me to give you an airplane, I would have given it. I used to give airplanes to the boys there for exams.

Central government wants to end farming and military: Malik
Malik said that the entire history of India has been about the unity of Hindus and Muslims. In such a situation, there is no need to get confused between Hindu and Muslim. He said that the name of the commander who was on behalf of Rana Pratap in Haldi Ghati was Hakim Khan. Similarly, Hasan Khan Mewati fought with Rana Sanga. The history of the country is full of such people.

Malik said that the central government wants to end farming and military. Tell me which youth will risk his life and join the army for just 4 years. The result of this will be that our army will become ineffective.

Malik said- I had warned, a riot broke out on the third day itself
Malik said- I had said in a press conference in Delhi that be careful, before the elections, Modi will do some mischief or the other. You can get a bomb thrown at the Ram temple or kill a BJP leader and create a riot somewhere.

On the third day itself, a sponsored riot took place in Nuh. That was a government riot which was organized by PM Modi and the Central Government. The Meo people of Nuh are not communal at all.

Malik said that in this riot, the government tried to instigate the farmers, especially the Jats, but the Khap Chaudharys there knew what the history was. He said, I regret that till date it has not been known in Pulwama attack why and how the soldiers were martyred?